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6 Brilliant, Cost-Effective Hacks to attain your Stylish Dream Home

        Applying creativity in home decor, is not just about going on a designer shopping spree to impress visitors. Great designing and interiors are certainly a reflection of one’s taste, but the real test is to imbibe the maximum out of minimum resources, be it money, space, time or efforts! Throw in some clever or out-of-the-box design …

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The 7 Foundational Principles of Modern Home Interior Design

Interior design shapes the experience enjoyed in an interior space and there are some basic principles that should be adhered to when creating a stunning modern home interior design. These are the following: 1. Balance Three types of balance used in design are symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. Asymmetrical balance is more commonly used in modern interior design, achieving balance using …

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11 Surprising DIY Canopy Beds That Will Transform Your Bedroom

Thinking about make some refreshments in your home? Why not transform your bedroom into something amazing. Something that reminds me of a queen’s bedroom. If you feel like a princess or queen then why not sleep like a queen. Add a canopy on your bedroom and transform it into something unique and special. The best thing is that for this …

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