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Top 5 things to think about when planning to convert your loft

  If you have a loft space you are planning on converting, where do you begin? Should you move that, should you tear that wall down? These are a few questions you have to answer before you begin any work. So, before you get underway with the demolition and the new conversion of the space, keep these simple tips in …

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She Never Wanted To Move There – Until She Saw What Is Inside

Hey everyone the tiny home movement has been in a rise over the last couple of years. It is a real challenge for the architects to design all needed things for a normal leaving into a tiny space. Around the net there are really a lot of interesting and really breathtaking tiny homes designs that we have seen and i …

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Tips on Constructing Wardrobes for your House Interiors

Wardrobes have come a long way in the last few decades. Gone are the stand-alone cupboards only a meter wide, replaced by whole-walls of shelving, doors, slots, hooks, baskets, everything you could possibly need to hold your entire collection of clothing. But if you’re building your own, where do you start? How many baskets do you need as opposed to …

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What You Will Get For $ 1500 Monthly For Rent Around The World

Have you ever asked yourself how much you should give for a rent to leave in the other popular capital cities around the world. Do you know that If you have $1,500 to spend in New York or Boston,the only thing you could rent is a studio apartment. So maybe you think that this is not that what you have …

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