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Selfies Gone Wrong

The good old days, when we were taking pictures of each other are long forgotten. The magic of selfies has taken over the world and it seems like it is here to stay. So, it is not a bad idea, especially if you are not a great selfies fan, to start practicing taking the perfect selfies. After all, you will …

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12 People Who Follow The Rules Literally And Still Beat The System

Nowadays is really tempting to show a revolt against the system, and it’s barely hard to do the things on your own. But there are some really courageous people, you can see by the following list by Bored panda, that are fighting back against the establishment, in a really artistic way, by literally following the rules. Sounds strange? Take a …

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Having a good manners means you more polite, and helps you to leave a good impression on people. By good manners I see the using a proper vocabulary while speaking, speaking properly, restraining emotions, neat,good,clean appearance and being courteous. When your companion says Hello,to someone, you should great them too, even if you’ve never seen them before. When you’re on …

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Beautiful Pictures That Were Captured In Very Rare Moments

Capture the moment or it will slip away… it’s a saying that holds lots of truths in it,it is also true that things you’ve survived couldn’t be pictured exactly in a photograph, but if you don’t take the phototgraph,you may forget about the moment.Photography is very precise kind of art. The art in photography is to capture those rare moments …

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Who Has Better Posture? Cute Kittens Posing As Sexy Pin-Up Girls

The famous pin-up girls are really seductive, sexy and sensual and they represent a different kind of femininity that for the time they represent it means excellence of the women’s body and sex appeal. There are people making jokes on the famine seductive posing, but when they are compared with a cats’ posing than that is hilariously funny. There is …

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Amazin Drawings: Turning Real Persons Into Cartoons’ Characters

Many times we have talked about how we are amazed by the artwork of talented young artists. So it is case this time again. We are supporters of the artistic expressions, sot that’s why we are often publishing the work of the artist we thing that are interesting. So, young and talented artist from the United Nations draws many everyday …

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