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These 11 Haunting Photographs Aren’t Just Scary… They Will Give You The Chills

We are so impressed of creative and unique art and when we look these photos we wanted to share them immediately with you. The artist that took this photos is Christopher McKenney a Pennsylvania-based photographer who specializes in horror surrealist photography. His work is both haunting and beautiful, and features incomplete men who appear to be trapped between two worlds. …

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11 Smart Pretty Important Cheat Sheets to Help You with Life

Dear friends the small and ingenious tips and hacks could really change our life and make it easier. Looking for a cool life hacks we have found 11 incredibly useful and very important cheat sheets that could definitely make your life easier. From cooking to style through how to stay creative and be always creative you can find really really …

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Top Tips for Backpackers

Sometimes you need to get away, leave your normal routine behind, pack a bag and discover the world, after all there is so much to see. There is no better way to explore the beauty of our planet than by backpacking from continent to continent, especially if you are travelling on a shoestring.  From the white sandy beaches and turquoise …

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10 Unbelievable Visual Effects From Movies And Shows. My Jaw Dropped By #9

As the technology is developing this way the movies are become more and more rich with awesome special effects that are truly impressive and so creative. The special effects on every move that we are watching are truly art. We have made a list of 10 unbelievable visual effects from movies and shows around the world that really impressed us. …

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5 Surprisingly Easy Magic Tricks That Will Blow Your Kids’ Minds

Playing with your kids is always fun and full with love and smiles from everywhere. I love this and i always happy when i play with kids. If you still look some cool idea how to impress them and to took their whole attention than these genius magic tricks are the right choice for everyone. We have choose 5 easy …

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