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What Does The Position In Which You Sleep Reveals About You?

Did you know that the way you sleep tells a lot about your character? For example, Leonardo da Vinci to recharge their intellectual batteries has fell asleep 20 minutes every 4 hours. Charles Dickens slept facing the south because it felt that it had improved creativity. An adult man sleeps on average 8 hours per day. Of course, the children …

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Your Headache Is Telling You A Lot! Warning Signs Your Headache Is Dangerous

My friends i will start this article with a citation “A headache can be a symptom of a simple organic disorder, a serious or complicated disorder, or it can be individually characteristic, like a tension headache or a migraine,” said Dr. Seymour Diamond, director of the Diamond Headache Clinic and director of the inpatient headache unit at Saint Joseph Hospital …

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Travel To Find Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Real-Life

Dear friends i am sure that you love the hit HBO TV series Game of Thrones and i’m more convinced that you would like to know which are the places where the amazing scenes were filmed. The main headquarters is at Paint Hall studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where most of the interior sets are housed; the better part of …

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The New Toyota’s Hydrogen-powered Car- FCV Plus Concept Can Power Your House

For the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota will present its vision for the future of mobility. Beside the other two amazing concepts we have found one interesting concept model of toyota that really blow our minds. Toyota FCV Plus, a fuel cell concept that embodies Toyota’s vision of a hydrogen-based society. Toyota has been working on cars that use this …

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12 Amazing Photos That Reveal The Truth About Our Lives

Dear friend when i found these pictures i wanted immediately to share them with you. Every picture explain the simple true that happen in our everyday life. Take a look below and enjoy! 1.The truth about self and pizza  source 2.Where’s the beef?  source 3.What you should focus on for the exam: EVERYTHING!  source 4.Sad truth…  source 5.No doctor’s office …

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