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12 Of The Most Phenomenal Natural Pools To See In Your Lifetime

Mother Nature is perfection when it comes to word about all environmental appearing, there are many places hidden from human eyes and hands that are creatures by it and are surrounded by fantastic scenery, from waterfalls, lakes to caves. In this post we choose to show some of the most amazing and incredible natural swimming pools around the world to …

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These Incredible Photos Show How Our Planet Is Changing

Our planet is in constant changing every second glaciers melt, rivers dry up and appear again, cities expand, forests and deserts shift around. However there are cool and amazing natural places that the planet create and they are breathtaking. There are amazing photos that NASA has made and that show how these man made and natural beauties has been changed …

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14 Stunning Minerals And Stones You Probably Never Heard Of

Many times i have repeated that the nature is incredibly creative artist and once more we are sharing with you the true art of the nature with presenting the most amazing minerals and stones that have been discovered by the man but made from the nature. Unique and insanely beautiful you must see them. Check below and enjoy! Luz Opal …

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Amazing – A Giant Hammock Between Cliffs 400 Feet Above the Desert in Utah

A group of 50 BASE jumpers, slackliners, and other daredevils built a giant pentagonal hammock some 400 feet above the desert near Moab, Utah. The name od this stunning miracle created by these enthusiastic people is the “Mothership Space Net Penthouse,” the hammock served as a platform for BASE jumpers and a destination for slackliners, who walked up to 262 …

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25 Cool Faces Hidden In Everyday Objects Around Us

If we let our imagination we can find a human faces around us in the objects. We are sure that at least watching the clouds you have noticed some time the face. Yes if we let our imagination and if we watch carefully we could find cool faces all around us even in car. In this post we are giving …

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