Every woman wants to have beautiful long nails, but, however simple it might seem at first glance, this proves to be much more complicated. You are a nail designer and today a beautiful girl comes to your salon. She need your help her decorate her nails in tone with this spring fashion trends. Use your imagination and choose a classic casual design for her beautiful nails and remember that the most important thing is that your nails short or long, natural or not, will always be trendy if they are well cared. And with a successful manicure your nails can make the most valuable accessory to your outfit.
Now get to work and see if you can create a beautiful nail design for this beautiful girl and then put on her fingers some nice rings to complete an amazing look for her beautiful hands.


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Mukesh Sharma
5 years ago

Beautiful designs. All the designs are impressive one and unique. Very cute designs to be make on nails. Really beautiful post with all the beautiful designs.
35 Black Nail Art Designs For Girls http://www.randomlynew.com/2427/black-nail-art-designs-for-girls.html

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