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What Scientists Joke About? Here Are 11 Favorite And The Best

Dear friends you know that the scientist sometimes can be strange people but they are so creative and they are innovators they are the people that we need. Their jokes sometimes are connected with the science and they are so funny. With the help from our favorite site: brightsite.me we have made a list from our favorite jokes below. Take …

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Top 10 Insanely Stupid Engineering Fails

Many times i have wrote that the engineers are so creative and that they are genius. They are always those person who impressed me a lot. But dear friend i never thought that somewhere on the world there are engineers that can impress me but with thir stupid decisions. Watch them below and enjoy! If you don’t make it to …

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7 Incredible Facts About Food That Will Seriously Impress You

Dear friends there are many mysteries hidden in everyday things. And especially in the food there are some impressive secrets that you should know. Here are 7 of them that we want to share with you.Take a look below and enjoy! Chili peppers If you think that the color of the chili pepper reveals something than you are in a …

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