He’s Coloring His Phone’s Camera With a Marker! The Result? Genius Idea That Will Amaze You

Hey everyone if you like a blacklights there is a wonderful DIY tutorial that could teach you how to make this cool lighting at home. These blacklights are commonly used in night clubs and we can also often find them in various crime series on TV but they can be incredibly for a home party also and sure for making stunning photos.

There are a few simple materials required to turn your cellphone’s camera into a black light camera. You’ll need two permanent markers, one blue and one purple. You’ll also need some clear adhesive tape.It will be better if you get tape that you can remove easily when you’re done.
Just watch the video below and try it. Enjoy!

DIY Blacklight by heftyco

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Buqorie sipp
8 years ago

hmmm not bad

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