He Puts A Belt Around The Door Hinge! This Totally Genius Tip Could Save Your Life

We are witness on a shootings in public places at the last months too often. On December 1st, the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, was like any normal place, with “Celebration” blaring during a Christmas Party. But this night stood in stark contrast to the mass shooting that occurred the day after, leaving 14 people dead and several more injured. With over five notable mass shootings reported by the LA Times in 2015. This is too much and learning some tips and tricks to protecting yourself and others during a workplace shooting is not an unrealistic expectation. There are experts like Bill Stanton that could teach us on the most amazing hacks and tips that could save our life.life hacks

Below in the video demonstrates a few potentially life-saving tips and tricks in case the unthinkable happens.

via Inside Edition

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Jorge Santivañez
Jorge Santivañez
8 years ago

This wouldn’t happen if there were more guns in the office and shopping malls… oh… wait.
hmmmmm… Never mind.
Great job USA!!!!

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