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What Is Pet Insurance and How Does It Work?

Source Did you know that 1 in 3 pets require veterinary emergency treatment yearly? The statistics show a significant need for pet insurance. What is pet insurance and how does pet insurance work? That is one of the most vital questions any pet owner should ask. Pet insurance involves a health care policy that offers reimbursement for pet health expenses …

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How to Know When to Take Your Dog Out

Many dog owners have misconceptions about when to take their dogs out to relieve themselves. The answer isn’t as straightforward as your dog lifting its leg when it sees you coming. If you let your dog out whenever it seems like it needs to go, you risk getting stuck in a house full of dog urine or poop. Not only …

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Importance of Pets

The Importance of Pets

I have seen guide dogs as they allow their owner to participate in activities they could not without their presence. There used to be a man guided into church every Sunday to sit in the first row by his guide dog. I had an Irish setter that went hunting for birds with my husband. She was all business in the …

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birds for kids

10 best pet birds for kids

Do you want to surprise your children with a new kind of pet? We’re talking about birds. Who would have thought that you could breed birds at home? You can by raising some of these amazing and fun pet birds for kids. These 10 cute, fluffy and fun pet birds are easy to raise and are best suited for kids …

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Check Out the Conveniences When Renting a Pet-Friendly Apartment

When looking for an apartment to rent, consider what amenities are available to your pet. Are there dog parks or runs? Are there grooming rooms? Are there rooftop decks? If you have a dog, consider the amenities in your prospective community. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the benefits of pet-friendly apartments. They may be right …

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Popular Dog Breeds of 2022

Have you ever wondered what breed of dog is the most popular? Do you want to know breeds of dogs people tend to gravitate towards? If you are planning on adopting a dog, it is important to do research about the breed before making any decisions. Many different breeds have various temperaments. Some dogs may be better for apartment dwellers …

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Do Goldendoodles Make Good Pets? Why Are They So Popular?

The Goldendoodle is a mixed breed dog. It is like getting a birthday present when you open your house and heart to a crossbreed: thrilling, but you never know what you will find. It is a common misconception that a crossbreed would bring out the most outstanding characteristics of both the parent breeds, but this is not always the case. …

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Important Things to Know Before Adopting a Puppy

Most dog owners will tell you that their families weren’t complete until they brought their four-legged friend into the mix. Dogs are incredibly loyal and loving pets and utterly adorable when they are puppies. If you have been considering adopting a dog, you have likely thought about going for a young pup. Many people feel that adopting a dog when …

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pumpkin seeds for dogs

Top 5 Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds for Dogs

When it comes to pets, we usually want to make sure their food is healthy and nutritious. And if you’ve been researching what foods are healthy for dogs in your dog care, you probably already know that canned or cooked pumpkins are remarkable for their health. But did you know that the seeds boast a wide range of benefits too? …

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Five ways to prepare kids for owning their first pet

With the amount of joy owning a pet can bring, it is no surprise most families will at some point think about getting one, but the work it takes to care for them also needs consideration. While adults might have a good understanding of the level of responsibility pet ownership brings, children often only see the fun side of things. …

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