How to Know When to Take Your Dog Out

Many dog owners have misconceptions about when to take their dogs out to relieve themselves. The answer isn’t as straightforward as your dog lifting its leg when it sees you coming.


If you let your dog out whenever it seems like it needs to go, you risk getting stuck in a house full of dog urine or poop. Not only will your house start to stink, but your dog may get sick from ingesting its waste.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how often do dogs pee and when to take them outside.

Understanding Your Dog’s Potty Schedule

Get to know your pup’s routine, noting the time and duration of their potty break. You should also know why dogs pee on bed. This can vary depending on breed and activity level, as some may need a bathroom break more than one day, while others may only need a walk once every couple of days.

When taking them out for their potty break, pay attention to how long it takes to pee or poop, which can help with the regularity of their breaks.

Reading the Signs of When Your Pet Needs To Go

Pet out for a walk or bathroom break can be tricky, but knowing your pet’s body language and other behavior can provide you with valuable clues. If you’re wondering how often dogs need to pee, start by monitoring their behavior for signs that they may need to go outside. You should know when to take out the dog.

If your pet starts to sniff around, circle in one place, paw at the door, or look out the window, these are clear signs of when to take out the dog.

Preparing in Advance For Unplanned Potty Breaks

It is important to know all the signs your dog will give to let you know it is time to go outside for a potty break. Pay attention to when your dog keeps scratching, restlessly moving, or constantly sniffing the ground.

Your dog may even whimper or whine to let you know it is time to go outside. To prepare for unplanned potty breaks, always carry plastic bags with you in case of any accidents or sudden needs.

Making Potty Time Part of Your Dog’s Routine

One of the key components of making potty time part of your dog’s routine is knowing when to take your dog out. Generally, the best times to take your dog out are after meals and snacks, after any vigorous physical activity, and once or twice during the night.

If you notice any significant change in your dog’s schedule (for instance, if there are visitors or a change in environment), it is a good idea to take your dog out for a quick potty break.

Explore How Often Do Dogs Pee

In conclusion, how often do dogs pee depends on the dog’s lifestyle. When in doubt, take your pup out more than you think you need to. Establish a regular schedule by taking them out early in the morning, after meals, and when playing or sleeping.

By doing this, you and your pup will enjoy the benefits of potty training. Get outside and make it a fun bonding experience with your furry friend.

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