Why It’s Important to Choose a Quality Rabbit Hutch?


Our pets can give us moments of peace and joy when we need them most. Their happiness when they see us after a day at work can fill us with energy and motivate us to become the best version of ourselves. And some of the cuddliest types of pets found in Australian homes are rabbits and guinea pigs. But although they’re easier to care for than dogs or cats, these little rodents still need special attention to keep them healthy.

A quality rabbit hutch is necessary for your little bunny friend to feel comfortable. At the same time, a careful investigation of guinea pig cages is essential for ensuring your cute little rodent’s long and carefree life. But what are some of the highlights you should look out for when searching for pet cages? We propose finding the answer to this question together in the following article.

What Should You Look for In a Rabbit Hutch? 

First and foremost, you must choose a rabbit hutch that is big enough for your bunny friend. When you buy him, your bunny will likely still be a kit and grow significantly in the months ahead, primarily if you feed him with a correct and healthy diet. It’s vital to choose a cage where he will have the space to move around freely and lead an active life. 

Do not forget that rabbits are social animals, so it’s good to find them a friend, preferably one of the opposite sex. But your rabbits must be desexed before pairing them; otherwise, you may end up with a handful of happy and hungry younglings ready to overcrowd your already limited space.

The cage you’re looking at should be constructed of sturdy materials that will provide your rabbits with a secure living space and act as a safe spot for them. Bunnies are skittish creatures that can suffer from stress, and it is imperative for the hutch you buy to benefit from hideaways where rabbits can retreat if they sense potential danger. 

Last, it would be best to aim for a rabbit hutch that benefits from well-thought-out ventilation. As a general rule, rabbits can have problems in temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius, which in Australia can be a problem. Therefore, the space you keep them must be well-ventilated and maintained at a constant but comfortable temperature.

Why Should You Get Pet Bunnies? 

Let’s face it; the main reason is that they are adorable. But besides that, bunnies are surprisingly easy to care for. They don’t need to be walked like a dog, they don’t make annoying noises, and they aren’t aggressive. Bunnies are cuddly animals that can live longer than ten years and bond quickly with your family members. If you don’t benefit from a large indoor area, then rabbits may be a perfect pet for you, as they do well in small spaces and generally only need an appropriately sized cage to be happy.

In addition, they are inexpensive. The costs associated with keeping rabbits are lower than for other pets, mainly due to their diet. Like guinea pigs, rabbits are herbivorous animals that feed on vegetables, hay and occasional pellets. Other expenses, such as the necessary litter for their cage and appropriate cleaning supplies, should also be considered. But still, relative to their size, rabbits are easy to maintain animals that do not require a special financial effort from their owners.

What to Look for In Guinea Pig Cages? 

Rabbits and guinea pigs are similar to each other, and these similarities continue in their living space needs. Guinea pig cages must be large enough for your rodent friends to feel comfortable and safe. An enclosure with a diameter of one square metre should be large enough for at least two guinea pigs and have enough room to allow for the proper development of your furry friends.

And just like rabbits, since they are social animals, a good idea would always be to buy a pair for your fuzzy pal. The guinea pig cages you are looking at should also be easy to clean. In this respect, looking for pens with removable trays would be preferable. But cages are only part of the resources needed to keep your furry pet happy, and you should also consider the accessories they need.

High-quality guinea pig cages should feature a sipper tube to provide your cute animal with all the water it needs. Furthermore, their enclosure should be sprinkled with chewable toys to help maintain proper dental health. You should also pay attention to the importance of an exercise wheel so that your furry pet can burn off its daily caloric needs, and consider the necessity of proper bedding designed to provide your guinea pig with a soft, absorbent material that will keep him comfortable.

Enjoy the Moment Spent with Your Fuzzy Friends

Perhaps your hardworking nature caused you not to have enough time for your pets in the past. But rabbits and guinea pigs are different because they don’t require the same level of care that we associate with dogs or cats. A bunny can be happy to sit in its rabbit hutch and have free access to copious amounts of hay, while your favourite furry rodents could be more than comfortable sitting all day in their guinea pig cages and running down a hamster wheel. 

But although they are animals that don’t require the same level of attention, rabbits and guinea pigs can provide moments of companionship that can turn into a real connection over time. Rabbits and guinea pigs can form strong bonds with anyone who can show them affection and attention. 

Although tiny, they possess unique characteristics that make them endearing and entertaining. They are known for their intelligence, playful personalities, and tendency to be relatively quiet, making them great pets for families with small children. They can bring a smile to your face after difficult times and be the loyal companions we need in our lives.

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