4 Tips for Creating a Powerful Vision Board for the New Year

Are you looking for fresh inspiration in the new year? Well, creating a powerful vision board aka a dream board is one way to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Keep reading to discover what a vision board is and how to create one that keeps you inspired all year long.

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What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage of pictures, words and objects. All the items in the collage work together to convey your goals, passions and dreams.

One of the best things about this project is it allows you to explore your creativity. You can keep it simple and clip photos out of magazines to glue onto your board. Or you can design your images in cardboard or foam and cut them out with a hobby knife. You dictate the contents, look and tone of your board.

Types of Vision Boards

The type of board you choose is another creative element of this project. The types of materials you can use include:


Posterboard is a durable and traditional choice for your dream board. Plus, it’s inexpensive and easy to find at a department store or even your local grocery store.

A large piece of posterboard provides you with lots of space to create your collage of goals and dreams. Consider cutting out your images on a self-healing cutting mat to protect your kitchen table or another workspace. Glue, tape and staples are all great for securing your items to poster board.

A Cork Bulletin Board

A basic cork bulletin board serves as another great foundation for your project. You can attach your images, quotes and other materials using colorful push pins. This is a favorable option if you want to change or adjust your goals throughout the year.

A Digital Vision Board

A digital vision board is an appealing idea if you prefer to store it on your computer. The process involves gathering and saving digital images in a folder. Then, you sort and organize them for your virtual board. With all the different editing tools available, a digital vision board can be just as creative as a physical one.

How to Create the Boards

It’s best to start your project by writing down your goals and dreams. If you keep a journal, look at some entries for more ideas. Then, look at your list and circle what you’d like to focus on for the coming year. This exercise can help you begin to craft a mental picture of your board.

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1. Gather the Elements for Your Board

Now that you know what you want on your board, it’s time to start gathering materials. Magazines, newspapers, printouts of online material and photos are all great options. Select images and words that relate to your goals. Trim the edges of your images and photographs in different ways, so they’re not all the same shape. This adds more visual interest to your board.

Keep all your items in a manila envelope so they don’t get lost. When you’ve gathered all the materials you want, sort through them and choose the best for your collage.

2. Grab Your Supplies

Having a quality collection of craft tools can help you to make a meaningful and attractive vision board. If you’re using posterboard, then you’ll need glue, tape or both. Alternatively, if you’re using a bulletin board, then you need a box of push pins. Of course, a digital board requires a computer and the right program for your arrangement.

3. Arranging the Items on Your Board

Once again, you get to employ your creativity when planning your board’s arrangement. You can go about it any way you want, but here are a few suggestions to kickstart your imagination.

One idea is to start by putting an image of yourself or your name in the center of your board. Then, put the goals that are most important to you near the center and work your way outward to the edges. This can help you to focus your energy and efforts as you move toward your goals.

A second idea is to divide your board into sections. Each section can represent a particular goal. You may reserve one section for images and words related to your financial goals. Another section could be items related to your exercise goals. A third section could be all about your vacation goals. This suggestion brings an extra element of organization to your board.

Of course, your board can still inspire you without any organization at all. If you prefer, you can start attaching items at random. So, when you finish, your collage is a swirling picture of your dreams, wishes and objectives. This artistic touch can be inspiring.

If you have free space left over on your board, consider using Washi tape. The colors and patterns on Washi tape can dress up your board. Or you can create doodles and artwork with colored pencils, watercolor paint, chalk or crayons.

Another option is placing embellishments, like sequins or ribbons, in the free space. Using stainless steel tweezers helps arrange these tiny pieces. Of course, you can always leave behind a bit of free space to frame your images.

4. Hang Your Vision Board

The last step is to hang your board in a place where you won’t miss seeing it every day. Hanging it on a wall near where you get dressed each morning is a good option. Or hang it on a wall in your kitchen opposite where you eat meals. You probably have the perfect place in mind already!

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Make Your Vision Board Work for You

Finally, don’t be afraid to change the look of your board throughout the year. If you achieve a goal, celebrate it and move another goal into its place. A vision board can be an ever-changing creative tool to help you make the absolute most of the new year.

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