Getting Rid of Unpleasant Bathroom Smells

At least once, everyone has walked into their bathrooms and thought, “Gross. It smells awful in here!” That’s normal. However, persistent bad odors aren’t something you have to live with. Whether it’s from common use or due to less frequent cleaning, an off-putting odor can make one of the most essential rooms in your home uncomfortable to be in. Fortunately, getting rid of unpleasant bathroom smells is simpler than you might think. Check out our best tips below!

Keep Your Toilet Clean

The toilet is the grossest part of your bathroom and the source of many bad smells. Therefore, the first step in maintaining a pleasant bathroom smell is keeping your toilet clean. Regular cleaning not only keeps the toilet looking spotless but also helps prevent the buildup of bacteria and odors.

Make it a habit to clean your toilet at least once a week with a disinfectant cleaner. For those unexpected odors that pop up now and then, having a toilet brush and cleaner handy for a quick scrub can make all the difference.

Encourage Airflow

Encouraging airflow in your bathroom will help dilute and remove unpleasant smells. Always use your bathroom’s exhaust fan while taking a shower and leave it on for a short while afterward to help clear up any residual moisture and odors. If your bathroom has a window, opening it can also allow fresh air to circulate, making the space feel more airy and pleasant.

Add a Little Jar of Baking Soda

A small, unassuming jar of baking soda can work wonders in absorbing bad odors. You can place a jar of it somewhere inconspicuous in your bathroom, or you can put it in a cute vase and place it alongside other stunning bathroom decorations for a more aesthetic look.

Baking soda naturally neutralizes and absorbs odors rather than just masking them. For added effectiveness, you can mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the baking soda to introduce a pleasant scent into the room.

Get a Diffuser

Give the jar of baking soda assistance by introducing an essential oil diffuser into your bathroom. Not only do these oils smell wonderful, but many also have antibacterial properties that can help keep your bathroom fresher. Choose a quiet, ultrasonic diffuser for continuous, silent operation. For a more aesthetic look, choose the right reed diffuser. Finally, select oils that reflect the mood you want to set for your bathroom, be it relaxing lavender or invigorating citrus.

Take Out the Trash Frequently

Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh involves more than just cleaning surfaces and airing the space. Regularly taking out the bathroom trash prevents the accumulation of odors from used tissues, empty product containers, and other refuse. Ideally, you should empty the bathroom trash can every couple of days or even daily if it fills up quickly. Using a trash can with a lid can also help contain odors until you’re ready to take the trash out.

Getting rid of unpleasant bathroom smells doesn’t have to be hard. With these tips, you can transform your bathroom into a pleasant place that feels—and smells—clean and welcoming at all times.

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