How to Design a Wedding Card: Here’s a Free Template

A wedding is a symbol of love and commitment, making the wedding day one of the special days. It’s a day when hearts intertwine to unite as one. Usually, you’ll invite guests to the occasion to celebrate the love and union.

Adobe Express wedding invitation templates can set the tone of the wedding day by helping you create a unique and stylish wedding invitation. Adobe Express is a tool you can use to make DIY wedding invitation cards. While you have this option, you can also hire a professional to design your wedding invitation.

Whether you make the invitation or hire a professional to do the job, creating a wedding invitation that sets the tone requires thoughtful steps. Read on to bring your A-game in creating an outstanding wedding invitation.

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Before Designing a Wedding Invitation

You want to choose the dimensions of the wedding invitation card. You’ll also gather inspiration from over 800 Adobe Express wedding invitation templates. Rectangular-shaped wedding invitations with dimensions 4.5 x 6.25 inches are a classic and remain popular. But you can choose other dimensions, such as horizontal rectangles and scalloped edges.

Adobe Express Wedding Invitation Templates

Adobe Express has free wedding invitation templates to make your wedding cards unique. That’s the case if you use the blank templates to create your wedding invitation from scratch. The blank templates allow your creativity to flow to make a card you’ll never see anywhere else.

At the same time, Adobe Express has animated wedding invitations for a DIY wedding card. These templates are dynamic and can accommodate changing creativity flow. The captivating designs will invite your guests to the special occasion and unleash your creativity.

How To Make Wedding Invitation with A Blank Template

When you want to make a wedding invitation card, a blank wedding invitation template can help you make it. But you’ll follow the right steps to create a unique and captivating invitation card.

Open Adobe Express

Download the Adobe Express software to your computer or mobile device. Ensure you have the best laptop to run Adobe Express fast and smoothly. Alternatively, you can run the Adobe Express from the web browser.

Select a Blank Adobe Express Template

Adobe Express has over 1,600 blank templates to transform your creativity. Once you open the Adobe Express software, you’ll find them and click on one that resonates with your style. Think of these blank templates as a blank canvas waiting for your creative workflow.

Customize your Chosen Template

Adobe Express allows you to edit the blank template in various ways. You can change the background color; it has an RGB color space to customize the background. The page theme also allows you to edit the template.

You can resize the template to dimensions that suit the purpose. If you want to share the wedding invitation on Instagram or TikTok video, you can resize the card to the right size. Adobe Express presents you with signs and labels to add as text.

Add Engagement Photos

Adobe Express wedding templates have a media function to add your engagement photos. You’ll also use this function to add any relevant image to the wedding invitation card. You can crop and resize the photos to fit the blank template.

Add Typography and Text

The text tool has features that allow you to write something on your wedding invitation card. The paragraphs are one of those features; they’re great to write about your wedding. You can vary the opacity of the paragraphs to suit your style.

The text tool also has pre-written phrases that you can edit. Whether you need to write bios, headlines, or add logos, the text tool helps you write it. What’s more, you can customize the text font to what you desire! It is a great feature to write the names, dates, times, and the wedding venue.

Customize the Invitation with Color Palette

Make your invitations unique by customizing their color to match the wedding theme. Adobe Express blank templates have a color palette to give your wedding invitation the desired color. Besides the RGB color scheme, you can customize your wedding invitation color with HSL and HSV color schemes. These features will turn the background on which you’ll write to the color you want.

Decorate the Wedding Invitation with Elements

Add floral motifs to the background to decorate your wedding invitation. Also, you can add icons and change the borders. Adobe Express has many embellishments to make your wedding card stylish, especially if you balance them. DIY wedding card invitations bring your creativity to light. But it has its drawbacks.


  • You can personalize your invitations
  • It promotes creativity
  • It’s cost-effective


  • It has a learning curve
  • You might experience technical challenges

Hiring a Professional to Make Your Wedding Invitation

Besides making the wedding invitations yourself, you can hire someone to do it. The professional will use a wedding invitation template that’s commensurate with your wedding theme and objectives. Besides, the professional knows wedding trends to cater to your wedding needs.

You’ll find the right person to make professional wedding invitations on platforms such as Upwork, Guru, and Fiverr. You’ll ask the professional to showcase a portfolio to help you decide if they’re right for the job.

Then, you’ll communicate your vision, budget, and deadline. If you communicate clearly with the professional, it results in well-made wedding invitation cards. Hiring a pro has benefits and its fair share of drawbacks:


  • A designer has expertise in creating wedding invitations
  • It’s time-saving
  • You’re assured of quality


  • You have less control
  • The costs can be high


You can make a DIY wedding invitation card or hire a professional to handle the hard work. Whichever decision is your final one, you’ll agree that creating stylish invitation cards involves following well-thought-out steps. Adobe Express is a tool you’ll need to make your wedding invitation cards. A professional designer can also use it or opt for other wedding invitation card templates.

Adobe Express will unleash your creativity with its tools. However, knowing how to use these tools takes time. If you have time on your hands, making the invitation cards look their best is possible. But if you have other more pressing matters to attend to, consider hiring a professional designer for the job.

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