Tips For Stress-Free Organizing A Wedding

In the past, the organizing a wedding lasted a month or two, or more time. Today, in the sea of ​​offers that are at your fingertips, beautiful restaurants with phenomenal service, bands that you can’t choose which one sounds better to you, wedding planners that are there to fulfill your every wish, you would think that it is an easy job and the prep will be finished very soon and easily. But it’s not quite like that. Some items on the list still have to be decided long time in advance. The main items on that list are the restaurant and the band.

Do you want a white hall, an open-air wedding, or do you prefer a restaurant in ethnic style? Do you imagine your perfect day with tambourines or a band that will play “a little bit of everything”? Once you and your partner have agreed about how you want your wedding to look, take action. Don’t miss a time, because otherwise that perfect restaurant of your dreams might be busy. For all newlyweds, the wedding day should be the happiest and most beautiful day in their lives up to that point.

Often, however, all the days before it turn into days of great stress and (dis)organization of all details, which neither the bride nor the groom should tire of. That’s why it’s ideal to hire professionals, who, instead of you, will arrange everything perfectly. So that this day is truly unburdened and the most beautiful. Don’t let stress spoil the romance reserved for your wedding.


What else should you think about when organizing a wedding?

If you have completed the above mentioned items, you have taken care of the most important ones. After that, it would be best to make a list of other obligations that you will solve one by one. You should do this until the day comes, when you will get married, so that there is no rush and stress. Here’s what else you should think about:

  • Invitations (ask guests to confirm if they are coming);
  • Choice of hairdresser and make-up artist if you don’t do your own make-up;
  • Hourly schedule (when you will schedule makeup and hair, when you will have wedding photography, when the registrar will come);
  • Accommodation for guests coming from other cities;
  • Choice of song for the first dance (and dance lessons, if necessary);
  • Decoration (starting from the front door, decorating the wedding party to the decoration of the restaurant itself);
  • Customs (think about which customs you will follow, so that everyone knows their duties in time);
    Choose flowers (table arrangements and Biedermeyer);
  • Specify details about the restaurant (menu selection, table arrangement, cake delivery, song ordering).

Be decisive.

Do not waste your nerves and time on details that are not of crucial importance. It’s nice to have decorative bows on your chairs, but don’t spend three weeks thinking about whether pink or gold bows are prettier. If you hesitate so much about everything, you will have to postpone the wedding until next spring in order to get everything done. So that the whole organization will be so difficult and you will wonder why you got into it in the first place.

For one bride one of the most important things for the wedding is surely the wedding dress. And, of course, there are those sweet pains – organization of bachelor/bachelorette parties and honeymoons. The fancy brides nowadays have bridesmaids, and the custom is all of them are dressed in one color, or in the same trendy dresses. They are important part of the wedding and also they contribute to perfect bachelorette party. Nowadays there is a big choice of bridesmaid dresses, AW Bridal robes, you just to decide with your bridesmaids which color and style will fit your party.


If you do every step on time and listen to the advice of others, there is no reason for organizing a wedding to turn into stress. Organize yourself well and leave the last few weeks only for euphoria and planning the honeymoon.

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