Do You Need a CDN with Cloud Hosting?

A content delivery network is a way to quickly transfer data from one server to another in a different location. In this way, data is transferred quite quickly and securely. Most Internet resources use the CDN standard, including giants such as Amazon and Facebook.

In addition to speed, hosting with CDN provides reliable website protection. A high level of security allows resources to avoid critical consequences of DDoS attacks and other attempts to damage or hack the platform.

Key differences between CDN and regular web hosting

Content delivery networks are not used for permanent data storage, so this is not enough for the site to function. It increases site performance and instant page loading on visitors’ devices. On the contrary, standard web hosting is the place where all the content of the site is hosted and through which this information is available to consumers. First, the site is hosted somewhere. Only then CDN optimizes the content delivery speed.

Additional benefits of using CDN

The features of CDN will allow you to understand whether such a solution is necessary for your site. What are the main benefits of this technology?

  1. Increased bandwidth and proportionally reduced costs for resource scaling. The site can handle more traffic.
  2. Less dependence on hardware failures and regular availability of the platform for each user.
  3. Reducing the loading time of each page because the user receives data not from the main server but from the one that is closest to them. This is important for SEO and building a good website reputation.
  4. The platform gets an additional layer of protection because the load is evenly distributed among many servers.

So, if you have an audience scattered in different countries, are trying to provide fast loading of media content to every visitor, and, at the same time, remain available under any conditions, CDN is what you need. Order CDN hosting from the G-Core Labs company and learn about all the advantages of such a solution on your experience!

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