Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wedding With These Rustic DIY Ideas!

An outdoor wedding may be one of the best that you could have, and with 35% of weddings currently being outdoor occasions, you’ll be in great company. Many people are realizing the customizable nature of outdoor weddings because they can be made to fit any given lifestyle. If you want to plan the perfect outdoor wedding yourself, have a look at some amazing rustic DIY ideas you can use to give your special day the perfect touch.

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Display a Seating Chart

The first DIY idea is to come up with a seating chart for your guests. You can get as creative as you like with it, using anything from fabric and florals to family photos and even furniture. There’s no limit to what you can do as long as what you set up fits your theme well. Come up with a draft of what you want and make decorating it one of the activities leading up to the wedding. You can make it as bright and bold as you like, or keep it more neutral so that it doesn’t steal the show from the rest of your setup.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Next, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for sudden weather changes. For this, you could set up a rustic shaded area making use of umbrellas or a tarp. Remember also that wedding rentals are important for couples that choose to hold their weddings and receptions outdoors. If you have access to a place where the wedding guests can take shelter in case of sudden showers, you may have an easier time as you can simply add decorations such as flowers or pictures and other things that fit the theme of your wedding.

Decorate with Seasonal Flowers

There are bound to be amazing flowers in bloom, and these can add an exquisite edge to an outdoor wedding event. Pick your own flowers or buy some from a local florist. Start looking for the flowers you’ll use early enough to allow you time to make any adjustments that may be necessary to make. A floral arrangement, however, usually ranges from $50 to $80, while standing sprays may cost upwards of $100. Big casket sprays may range from $200 and above, and the prices generally depend on the complexity or size of the arrangement.

Light it Up

Last but not least, take advantage of lights to play up the beauty and elegance of your outdoor wedding. You can use quaint string lights to decorate the trees and highlight spots of interest, such as the dance floor if it’s outdoors as well. You could also use lanterns or lamps to line walkways and make sure that people can easily find the path where they want to go.

Make sure to get LED lights or even solar-powered lamps where possible. This can prove to be beneficial to both your wallet and the environment. You may simply need to shop for the right lights and then come up with creative uses for them with the help of your friends and family. Try your best to avoid open flames and candles, because while these can look amazing, they also pose a fire hazard to some extent.

These are some of the rustic DIY ideas that you can use to make your outdoor wedding truly reflective of your own personal style. Plan it out with your significant other so that you can each have your personalities shine through. This will make your outdoor wedding considerably more special and memorable for you and all your guests.

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