Having a good manners means you more polite, and helps you to leave a good impression on people. By good manners I see the using a proper vocabulary while speaking, speaking properly, restraining emotions, neat,good,clean appearance and being courteous.

  • When your companion says Hello,to someone, you should great them too, even if you’ve never seen them before.
  • When you’re on a date with someone, being online, scrolling or chatting with other people on social networks leaves an impression that the person is boring and  you show lots of disrespect to them.
  • While eating sushi, if you are a male you can use both hands instead eating with sushi chopsticks.
  • Do not invite the people out if you have other plans with other people.
  • Don’t forget to show appreciation of the help that someone gave you, thanks means a lot.
  • Men should always take women’s coats to the cloakroom, while women should never permit the men to carry their bags.
  • Avoid non constructive phone conversations, and answer only when necessary.
  • Don’t ever glare at people,laugh loudly or talk loudly.
  • Careful drivers! Try to avoid pedestrians while driving.
  • When walking in a cinema or a theater in order to find your seat do it with your face to the people’s face.
  • If your apology was accepted,don’t ever do the same mistake again, unless you’ll be lying and not sorry for it.
  • Respecting all the women equally, makes you a real polite man.
  • If you are unique and you are following some of the new trends people will always find it strange, no matter how good it looks.
  • No matter what age you are, you should great and respect everyone.

By following these rules, you are a step to improving the world, so keep spreading good manners it never goes out of fashion.


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