She Cuts A Normal Sock In Half And Then Create Something That You Would Love To Have

We are pretty sure that maybe one has happened to all of us to lose one sock while washing. Instead of giving up on the single, lonely socks you find in your laundry, transform into something adorable instead. Yes you can create an amazing craft from a socks, you can create something that is very very cute and adorable and all this only in a few minutes and using the things that you already have it in your house. This young woman from handimania shows how to take a sock cut in half, tie one end, and then fill it with rice. She then shapes it and ties another string, and then you are ready to decorate him to suit your personality. What an adorable craft to do yourself or with a child! Take A look and see how cute is that i ‘ m sure that you will love it and would love to make it right now. This could be the best surprise to your kid.


So i hope you agree this is a very beautiful craft and not too complicated project that you must have it. Enjoy!

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