Becoming a Travel Nanny and Travelling as you Work

To reduce the stress that comes with balancing parenting and full-time careers, many parents hire nannies. Nannies also come in handy during vacation periods, offering parents the opportunity to take their children with them on holiday but also the chance to relax, unwind and spend a little time on their own. Getting a travel nanny goes a long way and it helps families to take full advantage of their holiday.

A travel nanny is a childcare provider that helps out mostly during family vacations, especially in short-term trips. Most people prefer to hire trained and trusted nannies from a  Governess Agency, which deal with high quality VIP staff and have a record of fantastic results with previous placements.

What You Need to Know to Get Started

If you are considering working as a travel nanny, here are some of the things you should be aware of:

1. Have an Updated Work Agreement

To work as a travel nanny, it is important to have an updated contract that clarifies the terms of the working agreement for both parties. You need to know the expectations of the parents during the trip, how much time you will have to spend with the kids, and whether you will be able to take time off. There are other details that you need to consider, including who takes care of work expenses, whether your duties include taking care of food, clothing, washing, bathing, etc. In addition, you should include the compensation for the role and other arrangements for your own privacy, like defining the accommodation and whether you will be sharing a room with the charges.

2. Define Your Schedule

As much as your job is to look after the children, you will also need a break at some point, and this is where having a schedule comes in. The schedule should include the times you start and finish working each day and a clear understanding of any days off. You should have the schedule clearly written out alongside your working agreement. The length of the placement should also be well defined.

3. Communicate Well

The best way to ensure a smooth workflow is to communicate effectively with the family. You can sit down with them to find out exactly what they expect from you. Let the family know that they can tell you if there is anything they want you to change about the way you work. This will help you to do your work effectively and will help to avoid any potential disagreements.

4. Know What it Takes

Being a nanny requires a lot of work.To do a great job, you need to be creative, responsible, and also able to go with the flow. The unexpected can happen at any time! You should be prepared to work hard and to follow the family’s instructions carefully. At the end of the day, remember to only do what you are told to do.


Working as you travel as a nanny seems fun and exciting but it also requires a lot of work. Make sure you are ready for anything and that you can commit fully to the required time frame and working responsibilities. You must also understand how to do your job perfectly to help the family have a great vacation experience. It is nice to be able to travel with work for free but doing your job well is key.

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