Best News Apps for Apple TV

With the increased prices of cable subscriptions, everyone is thinking of shifting to streaming services. The reason is that streaming services are quite economical and do not cost you anything extra apart from high-speed internet along with a streaming service subscription.

Before you cut the cord and completely shift to streaming services, don’t forget to invest in high-speed internet just like Cox. There are plenty of reasons to choose this ISP due to affordable prices and the best customer support. If you are already using and facing any problem while streaming, just contact cox en español servicio al cliente for seamless support and timely assistance.

If you are one of those people who are stalking for updates on what’s going around the world or interested in where to invest your savings, news channels are there for you. You don’t need to have a cable subscription – just install the app you require and start watching your favorite news channels. Here are some of the apps you can install on your Apple TV to get breaking news and much more.


The best and most trusted news broadcasting company CNN has been for a long time. Whether you want to know what’s happening in your region, or how things are going on globally, CNN has you covered. Talk shows, breaking news, documentaries, and much more can be viewed directly from the CNN app.

Watch anything including HLN, CNN, and CNNi from anywhere and anytime. The app also allows you to customize settings for the alerts you get. Never get your phone or Apple TV loaded with notifications that are of no use. You can even watch some of the best original series like Anthony Bourdain. Moreover, programs like Anderson Cooper 360 and award-winning films are going to keep you hooked to unlimited entertainment.

Fox News

If you have been a cable TV subscriber, there are chances that you were getting Fox News in your channel lineup. But now it is time to cut the cord and watch everything on Apple TV without any cords or cables. Fox News is another popular app to keep you updated with news content from all over the globe.

The app also has on-demand content as well as radio streaming. If you want to get notifications on the go, you can even pair it with your Apple Watch. The app is available on Android and iOS to let you stream news without missing updates.

ABC News

ABC News app is another one on the list to keep you updated with breaking news and live streaming videos. Watch latest clips from shows like Good Morning America, Nightline, World News, and Nightline. Not only will you be served with U.S news, but also catch up with world news including entertainment, technology, business, science, weather, lifestyle, health, and sports.

ABC News is your ultimate source for breaking news that allows you to watch news videos. Similar to Fox News you can also customize notifications and alerts in the ABC News app to let your device stay clutter-free.

AP News

If you want to stay informed and updated about global news, national news, or local updates, make sure to install AP News on your Apple TV. It can be watched on your iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad to let you experience and stay updated on anything that’s trending.

The app includes a feed with developing stories, which is shown according to your topics following. Moreover, the AP News app can be customized according to your interests. Curate content hubs for the greatest storylines, deeper insights, and trending news from all over the world.


Bloomberg is an essential app for your Apple TV if you are an investor, a businessman, or an entrepreneur. Whether you are looking for news on the crypto market, stock trading, or overall business scenario in the United States and all over the globe, Bloomberg has you covered. You can also stay tuned with some of the most influential personalities like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Don’t miss major updates and headlines regarding business and investing.


In this age of technology missing important business, the news means a heavy loss or missing opportunities. Whether you want to watch the news on Apple TV, iPad or iPhone, make sure to consider the aforementioned apps for the latest news.

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