Cute Outdoor Easter Decorations That Will Add Interest To Your Yard

Except for decorating our homes for every holiday, we are obsessed with adding festive decorations in the yard as well. Decorated yards say a lot about homeowners and show that they care and they want everything to look just perfect. If you want to leave a good impression and feel cozy in your own outdoor area then you should see these outdoor Easter decorations that will give you some amazing ideas and will get your imagination going. Easter will get a whole new and a different dimension and you will more than happy to celebrate it with your friends and family both inside and outside your home. The weather can be pretty nice for Easter, so you may consider throwing a party in the yard as well. Check out these Cute Outdoor Easter Decorations That Will Add Interest To Your Yard and will help you have a remarkable holiday.

Big Lantern Decoration

Think about objects that you already have in your home that can be repurposed for any holiday decor. This lantern can be decorated for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and so many more. Fill it with some faux grass, add a bunny and you are done.

diy outdoor easter decorations

Rustic Wooden Bunny

The rustic decorations are really popular especially those with wood logs. We have seen this kind of decorative pieces for New Year and Christmas, and Easter is not an exception either. This Easter bunny is super easy to make and you won’t have to spend much money on it. Give it a try!

easter garden decorations

Crate and Watering Can Decoration

Grab a crate and a watering can and give them an Easter vibe by decorating them with some bunnies, flowers, and eggs. This decoration will not take you more than 10 minutes and yet it will make a huge difference in your outdoor area. It will set the tone for the holiday and you are surely going to feel happier and in a good mood.

diy outdoor easter decorations

Easter Basket

Consider using items that you already have at home. Get a basket and decorate it with some twine. Then fill it with faux grass and add some Easter eggs. As easy as a pie!

how to make outdoor easter decorations

Watering Can Outdoor Easter Decoration

Do you like the way the watering can was used in the Easter decor in the photo above? Well, it turns out that you can turn it into a wreath too. There are plenty of ways to turn this object into Easter decoration. What do you prefer?

outdoor metal easter decorations

Wooden Bunnies

These wooden bunnies require great skills but don’t be discouraged to give them a try. Get twine and branches from the outdoors and see whether you will be able to make such a lovely bunny.

outdoor wooden easter decorations

Boots Easter Decoration

Has it ever occurred to you that you can repurpose old boots for Easter? They can look pretty fun when decorated with colored Easter eggs. Plus, you won’t need much time to make this decoration, so if you are running late this is the thing to do at the last minute.

outdoor easter decorations to make

Outdoor Hanging Easter Decorations

Do you have a bare tree in your yard and you want to lift its spirits for this Easter? I suggest that you make these hanging Easter decorations. Your tree will take the central stage in your yard for sure!

outdoor hanging easter decorations

Outdoor Easter Signs

I find the outdoor signs pretty fun and cool. Get some wood and paint, and get creative with the messages and the drawings. Don’t you think that this “bunny crossing” sign is just awesome?

outdoor lawn easter decorations

Front Yard Easter Decorations

When you add decorations in your front yard, your guests will feel more welcomed. Plus, they will immediately feel the festive vibe!

outdoor easter decorations 2020

Easter-Inspired Flower Bed

You can just update the existing decorations in your yard by filling them with the festive nest and eggs quickly and easily.

outdoor easter decorations ideas

Carrot Decorations

Do you want to put a smile on everyone’s faces? If yes, this is the right decoration for you!

garden easter decorations

Easter Tree

We can never get enough decorated trees, so now it’s time to have one with eggs! It’s such a wonderful decoration for your front door, isn’t it?

easter tree

Vintage Easter Decor

Get all the vintage items that you can find at your home to create a stunning Easter setting.

outdoor easter setting

Easter Wreath

This giant Easter egg will be in the center if attention and will be the first thing that people notice when they pass by! Would you like to have a maxi wreath outside your house?

Easter wreath

SourceHave you already managed to make your picks? I did! I hope that you are all going to have a lovely holiday!

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