Famous Transparent Bubbles Hotels Around The World For Unique Vacation Experience

Are you searching for some unique vacation experience? Do you want something adventurous that won’t include a stay in a typical hotel? What about staying in a transparent bubble room with the sky as a roof? Sounds wonderful, right? Here are some of the world’s most famous bubble hotel destinations where you can do it.

Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Spain

If you want to enjoy the endless views of the breathtaking desert landscapes, visit the Aire de Bardenas hotel nestled in the Bardenas Reales Natural Park in Spain. You can take the chance to sleep under the moonlight and have the stars as your room roof. This hotel offers its visitors beautifully decorated bubble rooms with all the luxury a traditional hotel can offer you.


Attrap’reves France

ATTRAP’RÊVES is a unique bubble hotel located in the picturesque countryside of Marseille, France. It is the point where the luxury meets the outdoor living. With its luxurious decorated bubbles, each equipped with a telescope to gaze the stars, this hotel will offer you the chance to experience a unique adventure surrounded with breathtaking landscapes.


The 5 Million Star Hotel, Iceland

If you are an adventurer wanting to experience the Northern Lights in Iceland, then here is the place to stay for you-The 5 Million Star Hotel. Located in the middle of a secret forest, about 1.5 to 2 hours from Reykjavik, this hotel will offer anything you need for an adventure in the surrounding of vibrant shades of green. The bubble of the complex are all equipped with heating system, power outlets and cozy beds that give the chance to enjoy the starts above while lying literally on a luxury.


Forest Domes, Northern Ireland

Take an escape from the outside world, and give your chance to experience a real adventure by visiting Finn Lough, a gorgeous lakeside resort in Country Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. This resort is offering you a deluxe bubble accommodation, with its elegant Forest Dome bubbles decorated in a luxurious way with bespoke four-poster bed and stylish armchairs. Each of the bubbles has a telescope that gives you the chance for stargazing in style. The 180° transparent walls will offer you the chance to enjoy the stunning wild surroundings.


Maison Bulles, France

Provence and a vacation anywhere in there, is a magical experience by itself. But, if you are a dreamer, and want to experience even better stay there, what do you think about spending the nights sleeping in a bubble? In the heights of Pont-Saint-Esprit, the Maison Bulles, a lodge where every room is in form of transparent, individually themed bubble, is the place for you to stay in. You can enjoy the eye-catching countryside panoramas during the day and the stunning sky covered with stars during the night.


Camp Kátur, England

If you are visiting UK and you want a unique and adventurous experience, look no further than Camp Kátur. It is located within Camp Hill Manor Estate, in the rolling countryside of North Yorkshire and will offer you a 360° panorama of the stunning woods of Yorkshire. The double bed draped in sheepskin rugs bubbles equipped with heater to keep you warm during the cold nights is all you need to spend the best holiday ever.


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