Genius Reason Why Japanese Bathroom Are Very Different From Ours – This Setup Saves A Lot Of Time And Money

As you know that a lot of people in japan on the small surface. The people and the architect are innovating everyday a new things that could make their life easier. The architecture there is wonderful and innovative in the space saving.
The interiors are carefully designed to not lose an inch of space on the useless things. In these article we want to share with you a spectacular video that shows the reasons why the japanese bathroom are the best in the world. Functional and useful designed each portion is sectioned off, so three people can use it at one time. The sink is huge so you can wash more than your hands. Watch the video bellow and see one of those creative tiny homes in japan with the best bathroom ever. Enjoy!


 Life Where I’m From

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8 years ago

Thank you for the videos. I really enjoyed them.

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