Helping Tips To Keep Your Computer Clean And Safe

Cleaning your PC is essential to keep your data safe and extend the life of your equipment.  It is even considered that over 70% of the computer hardware problems are indeed caused by dust. In order to avoid losing valuable data of your computer and damaging it, try to keep it clean all the time. You may be asking yourself how dust can damage your PC. The answer is so simple. Computer chips and other components are too sensitive so when covered with a lot of dust it may produce overheating and computer components damage. In order to avoid such problems, follow these helping computer cleaning tips we have prepared for you and keep your computer components safe and clean.

Clean the Exterior Case

The outside of the desktop tower is the area that is less prone to get dirty, but once it accumulates a lot of dust it can be a serious problem for the whole PC. In order to avoid it take a microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe the computer case with it. This way you will clan all the dust and you will reduce the chances to collect a lot of dust in the computer ports or vents. You can use a lot of water for better cleaning, or even isopropyl rubbing alcohol which is better in removing grease stains.


Computer Screens and Monitors

Desktop, similarly like the exterior case is not that much prone to dust, but it is good to keep it clean once a bit of dust have been collected over it. Nowadays with the touch screens and their growing popularity among people, another problem to solve is the fingerprints and smudges. In order to keep the desktop or the touch screen clean, but safe too, you should be very careful, because there are some chemicals which contain acetone and can damage your computer screen seriously. That is why you should use only microfiber clothe, or when needed a little of isopropyl alcohol.

Internal Components

You may thing that interior components are less prone to dust because they are enclosed inside of the computer case, but you are wrong. They can collect dust too and get dirty. That happens because of the air that passes through the system for the purpose of cooling. Once dust accumulates into internal components it can cause serious hardware problems because of overheating.


In order to clean a desktop computer you will need to open up the case. In many cases you will need to unplug the various cables connected in the back. Then with the help of a compressed air duster remove all the dust that is been collected inside the computer.


To keep the keypad clean you can use the same can of compressed air. Flip the keypad upside down and the whole dust collected between the keys will disappear.

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