Hiring a Moving Company for Your Church

Though many churches remain in the same spot for hundreds of years, sometimes they need to change their point of view too. Whether in need of attached quarters for the clergy or just more room for new attendants, there are dozens of reasons for a church to find greener pastures.

But no flock, no matter how strong and numerous, can move an entire church on their own. It’s time to call in the professionals.


Items that are not being moved should be stowed, donated, or otherwise removed from the premises. Without the clutter of the stuff you aren’t keeping, the movers’ initial inspection will be much easier. This allows them to prepare and estimate how many boxes they’ll need, how many reels of tape they should send with the movers, and things like that.

Notify those who attend the church of the new address by this point too. A church newsletter, available a few weeks prior to moving, would be ideal.

Sacred Items

Every church has its sacred items. From books to paintings and untold vast amounts of other items, you’re going to be want these items to be handled carefully. Some churches may choose to pre-pack these items. This is usually discussed with the moving company during the inspection process, though it must be noted that these items may not fall under the same protections as items packed by the moving company. This is because the moving company has no way to verify the condition of the item prior to packing.

Sacred Furniture

Such as an altar, cisterns, or pulpits. In some churches, pianos may be considered holy objects. It just depends on the gathering. That said, again, these items may be pre-packed by the clergy if there is good reason to do so. But do be aware that if any of them are damaged, it is unlikely that the church would be able to be paid for the value of these items, and replacements are just as unlikely.

Typical Furniture

Pews, office furniture, and other mundane items may be packed as the church is comfortable with. In many cases, it is easier to let the movers take care of these. Not only will they be able to easily stow meeting tables and such belongings, but they will also be able to unpack them with the same speed and get your church back in business once again.

Linens, Tapestries, and Other Fabrics

Some of these may fall under the sacred or precious heading. Some of these are mere beautiful decoration. When the inspection takes place, tell the movers which ones are which. Again, if you intend to allow them to pack all the belongings, this is less of an issue. If you intend to take care of some of the sacred objects, the movers need to leave them out of their count.

After the Move

Once the church’s belongings have been delivered, it’s time to unpack. If you did not purchase the movers’ help in this case, they will leave you with the boxes and packing materials—and perhaps a day to come pick it all up for you. If you did purchase their further assistance, you need only direct them to place the belongings as you desire.

For those sacred objects, if you do not want the movers to handle them, we recommend marking them with a special mark on the side of the box. This way, you can pick them out of the group more easily.

This post is sponsored by lawrencemoves.com. Getting ready to put your ministry on the move? Give us a call. We can have a quote ready for you quick and easy.

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