Household Items That Surprisingly Have An Expiration Date

You would never believe, but yes, there are items in you kitchen which aren’t food but have an expiration date. Actually there are a lot of things that have limited shelf life and have to be replaced with new. We all have those things at home and we don’t know when to replace them. Eventually we can help you finding out which those items are and how long you can use them. Follow the pictures below and find out what is the next thing in your home that has to be replaced.

1. Bedroom

The most important place in your house is your bedroom so be sure that the items that are in there are still good for use.


2. Wardrobe

You may replacing your clothing that is old or out of trend, but do you know which are the things that really need to be replaced with new and the reasons for their replacement.


3. Dressing Table

Women, this is for you. You have to know when to replace your hairbrushes and perfumes. Look at the reasons, you will understand.


4. Bathroom

The hygiene in the bathroom is very important and if you want to keep it clean replace the right things at the right time.


5. Pantry

For safety in your household, replacing fire extinguisher, power strip, disinfectants and mosquito repellent is absolutely necessary.


6. Nursery

Taking care about baby is not an easy job and you learn new things every day. Today, you will find out about the items that have expiration date and when is it.


7. Kitchen

Food is not the only thing that can be spoiled. There are other ingredients in your kitchen that have to be replaced after a while.


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