Small Details That We Never Know Theirs Purpose Before But We Use Every Day

We use lots of things daily and they all have some details that we don’t know their purpose. Some of those details can be very helpful for us and it would be well if we know how to use them. If you are into facing and would like to know few of those little things that could make your life easier, take a look on the pictures below and take notes.

1. The Hole In Padlocks

This hole can have few purposes. The first one is that is used to pour just a few drops of motor oil if the mechanism starts to stick. The second is that the hole doesn’t let the liquid accumulate so it protect the lock from moisture accumulation. And the last benefit is that the hole prevent the lock from freezing in winter.


2. Chupa Chups Stick Have Holes Too

This is an interesting purpose and i bet that it would never came to your mind. This holes actually makes the candy tightly held on the stick, because when caramel is hot it flows a little into the hole and stays there. It is a strange and simple purpose, so you don’t use the hole like a whistle any more.


3. The Eyelets On The Top Of The Sneakers

People almost never pay attention to those extra eyelets on their sneakers, probably because they never use them. Those holes are actually made with purpose to fix your shoes to your leg so they don’t rib your ankles while you running.


4. Small Holes On The Plane Windows

Windowpane for the airplane is made from two different pieces of the glass. Because of the big pressure difference between the inside and outside of the plane, the inner glass could shatter easily. But the little holes enables the movement of the air and works as an equalizer for the pressure.


5. Bumps On The ‘F’ And ‘J’ On A Keyboard

The bumps on the computer keyboard are not useless. They help people fixing and placing their fingers correctly without looking at all.


6. Plastic Windows Have Mode Controller

The mechanism that switch mode depending on the season is barely used because only few people know that we can switch the mode on winter or summer. It is using by pressing the frame differently. It is better to use both modes because the windows can seal out.


7. The Hole On The Tape Measure End

Tape measure has teeth and holes on its end and they have special purposes. It depends on how much you use this tool, but for the ones that use it more it is good to know that the hole is for hanging the end of the tape measure to a screw so you can use it without assistance. If you know the purpose of the teeth then you can immediately make a mark when you are measuring without using a pencil.


8. The Small Pocket On The Jeans

Levi’s made the small pocket for the firs time in 1873, and its primal purpose was for holding a pocket watch. Even though it is still known as a watch pocket, we carry lots of different thing in that small pocket, like coins, keys, contraception etc.


9. The Power Cable Cylinder

It is a significant thing that we barely notice and it is called the ferrite beat. Its primal purpose is to suppress the high-frequency noise within the electronic circuits. The cylinder is an important little thing with a simple design.


10. The Hole In The Cap Of Pen

This hole is a prevention in case the cap get stick in the user’s throat, because if anything goes in the throat it causes the swelling of the mucous membrane. So the hole prevents the membrane from absorbing the cap within.

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