Advantages of Online Vs. Reality

Willing to accept it or not, the Internet has definitely changed our lives forever. You can do almost everything online today, and the availability of the Internet to almost every home has made it even more possible. Now you can learn online, work online, receive medical care online, and you can connect to people that are thousands of kilometers away from you. The biggest question about it all is: is all that a positive or negative for people? See below for some of the benefits that being able to do everything online has for our everyday lives.

Online VS face-to-face education

Online learning has been very popular nowadays, especially during the COVID-19 crisis when almost all the schools and universities around the world have been closed up to an unknown date in the future. But online learning has been a trend many people started practicing, years ago, since technology and the Internet become available for the majority of the population. There are so many pros of online learning that has made it so popular. Education, itself, no matter the delivery method is time-consuming, expensive, and mentally demanding. Online learning has made it easier for people who want an education but may not have those resources. Today you can find massive, open, online courses and programs online that will help you learn from a distance from the best educators around the world, at any time you are free. You can find so much data online and information about different subject matters, even more than face-to-face education can offer you.


Work- from -home VS work -at- the- office

Another trend that has become very popular these days is work-from-home. Thanks to the availability of the Internet at almost every home, people more and more often quit their previous jobs and start working from home, using just their computer and the Internet. Working online has so many advantages and definitely, the biggest one is that you don’t need to come to an office, but you can work from absolutely anywhere you want, just as long as you are connected to the Internet. You don’t need to follow a working schedule, which includes a fixed starting and ending time. You are definitely going to have more flexibility, and you are going to do a job you love, and your income will be constantly secure. Working from home means no face-to-face colleagues and clients, which means less stress and more freedom. The best yet is that you are your own boss, and you don’t need to work for others, but just for yourself. You are also going to save money and time, as you don’t need to wake up at least an hour earlier to prepare for work, but you can use that time for other purposes. You are going to save some money too, as you don’t need to buy that many clothes you would otherwise do if you had to go to the office every day.


Connecting people around the world

The Internet has the unique ability to connect people from different parts of the world no matter the physical distance between them. Through the use of email, chatting software, or social media connecting with family and friends that are geographically far away has never been easier or cheaper. People are able to maintain their long-distance relationships thanks to the cheap way of communication they have with online chatting and video media. Due to the cheap online communication, people have almost totally left the traditional letter and calling communication they used a few years ago.

Online medical care

It may be the 21st century (the era of the Internet and technology) but we should still acknowledge that there are people in the world that are fighting for basic living conditions such as health care, which is considered to be a basic human right. There are still people in rural places that don’t get the health care they need because of a lack of competent medical staff or because of a lack of medical staff at all. Thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web, even people from rural environments and other areas without appropriate medical care can get high-quality medical care and advice. Many health services are now offered online such as dermatology, gastroenterology, and even marriage counseling or mental health services. If you think that you marriage could benefit from receiving counseling, read this article
There are so many popular online medical health services available online to visit 24/7 and share your health concerns with expert doctors willing to help you. Now even those physically distanced from hospitals can get medical care and other health-related advice online, thanks to the connection to the Internet.”


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