The Best States To Consider Moving to in 2023

Moving is not a fun process, but ending up in a new and exciting home is fun. However, before actually moving, you need to take care of a few things. First, you need to research out-of-state moving tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly, such as downsizing your stuff and hiring professionals. After taking care of some moving prep basics, you can start considering which state you want to move to this year. Need some help deciding where to move to next? Continue reading to learn more about the best states to consider relocating to.

Far Off Alaska

While moving to Alaska may not be the most plausible moving option, it isn’t a state you should automatically discount. One of the first reasons you should consider Alaska is that the cost of living and the real estate there is quite affordable. However, it comes at the price of being far away from the rest of the United States. However, the state has some of the best views that you can’t find anywhere else in the country.

The Golden State of California

People will always criticize California for the cost of living, but once you get past that and the taxes, you’ll see that it’s one of the best states you can move to. On top of it having one of the most memorable state flags in America, California also has a great history. That history comes out in the different cultures and food that you can find everywhere in the state. In addition to great food and cultural attractions, California is also great because of its diverse geography. It’s normally sunny all year long, and you can enjoy that sunshine on the beach. Or you can head a few hours away from the coast and enjoy the sunny mountains!

Beautiful Washington

While Washington doesn’t have as great of a flag as California, it does rival its beautiful scenery. Washington is a diverse state full of different national parks, forests, and coastlines. There’s a lot to love about this state, and that includes the bustling industry. More people are moving to Washington and the Seattle area because of these great opportunities. Like California, it can sometimes be expensive. However, with the right job, you can enjoy all that this state has to offer, including the many music venues and museums, or you can stay home and enjoy the views from your window.

Once you are confident in moving to Washington, you’ll need a long-distance moving company to help you get all your belongings to the place you’ll be calling home. It lets you quickly settle your stuff and adjust to your surroundings.

The Colorado Rockies

People can sometimes forget about Colorado, but it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest states to move to. There’s so much to do and see in Colorado that it’s turning from a vacation spot to the next best place to live. In addition to all of the nature that you can see, the state has so many different activities and economic opportunities. If you’re not already considering Colorado, you may need to add it to your list, preferably near the top.

When planning to move in 2023, you should consider some of these great states. But don’t forget that there are 46 other great states that you could also move to. There’s a lot to love about each state, so step back, evaluate your personal preferences, and find the house of your dreams in the state that works for you!

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