This Man Coats Concrete Floor In Vibrant Orange. The Final Result Is Unbelievable!

When it comes about the flooring in your home there are a lot of different solutions and ideas but definitely the final decision for your home should not be concrete. Now a days epoxy makeover is getting more and more attractive around the world. Even the most ordinary floors have the potential to be transformed into extraordinary ones. Epoxy flooring is popular and could be used for every part of your home. The video below shows how adding an epoxy coating to a bland concrete floor is just one super amazing method for creating an extraordinary floor.

After priming the concrete, ribbons of orange-gold and coffee-colored metallic epoxy are spilled on the concrete floor in a random pattern. The epoxy is then spread around to cover most of the concrete surface, before ultimately being rolled out to fill in any gaps. Since your floor acts as the canvas, using epoxy gives you unlimited design options and everything depends on your creativity. You can see the whole process in details on the video below. Enjoy

via Epoxy Plus

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6 years ago

That looks amazing!

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