Useful Life Lessons Learned in Art Classes for Children

Art programs in many public and private schools have faced numerous challenges over the years including lack of enough funding. There is also a lot of emphasis among educators, parents, and policymakers in education on STEM-related subjects. As a result, art classes have been continually phased out in the mainstream education system.

Even though a small number of classes are still available in private and public schools, they are not enough to cater for the needs of all children. This is the reason why parents are getting private art classes for children. So, why would you spend money on a private art tutor? Well, it turns out that art lessons could actually teach kids a lot of useful life lessons. According to painter Amanda Lee Jones, who teaches art lessons for children in Austin TX, here are some of these lessons:

Art Promotes Creativity

Learning art from a tender age can help trigger a sense of creativity among children and even when they are grown up. This is because art allows kids to interpret the world around them and express it in a simple and unique way. Art gives children the chance to put their feelings on paper. There is no right or wrong way to do it. It’s simply the child, his or her mind, and the pen. This unleashes their creativity in a huge way.

Art Teaches Perseverance and Determination

Learning art can be fun but make no mistake, it’s not easy. Students need high levels of determination, zeal, and passion to make any progress. Art classes for children can help instill these values. Take for example the idea of learning how to play an instrument. In order to hit the right notes, it will take practice and a lot of commitment. Such an instrument challenges the kid to work hard, persevere and stay determined until they have learned the skill. This is the same attitude you can expect from them even when they are faced with other challenges in academics and even in their personal lives.

Art Can Promote Self-Esteem And Confidence

Art is about creation. Whether we are talking about painting, drama, ballet, or playing an instrument, the very concept behind all these things is creation. There is always a very strong sense of accomplishment that comes with every successful lesson. For example, if a kid is able to learn a new move in their ballet recital, they will go home feeling happy and fulfilled. These feelings are very good for self-esteem and confidence. Besides, children get the chance to perform in front of people through art. They can also share what they have done with their parents, siblings, and even friends. This makes them feel valued, and in the end, a strong feeling of self-esteem and confidence develops.

Art Can Help In Child Development

Engaging in art requires a certain level of dexterity and coordination. Take painting for example. In order for the kid to produce a piece, they will need to hold the paint brush into place, mix the right colors, and make sure that everything goes into its place. This may seem easy for an adult, but for a kid, it takes a lot of concentration and coordination. If this is done on a more regular basis, it can be crucial in enhancing the development of motor skills among children.

Problem Solving Skills

Art classes can also help kids develop important problem solving skills. Remember art is about creating something from nothing. In order for a child to put together something meaningful on a piece of paper, they need to think about it, decide what they want to draw and how to do it, and then focus their brain to produce the exact image on the paper.  This thought process is crucial in solving problems. It allows the kid to conceptualize things and process them in his or her brain before making a decision. Such skills are not easily taught but art gives children a chance to get better at problem solving.

The Wrap-up

Investing some money in art classes for children is something many parents are willing to do. It’s not hard to see why. There are so many life lessons that children can learn from art. The most important thing is enrolling the kid to the right class.

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