Useful Trick To Fix A Dented Car Bumper At Home Using Only A Hair Dryer

You made a dent to your car bumper and now what? Did you think that you must immediately go to the service and spend a lot of money of fix it?
Maybe there can be find some better way and easy to fix your bumper at home conditions. You literally have to see this to believe it! But yes this is try and all this can be done with using a hair dryer. Actually 2 hair dryers works best. All you need to do is: First, wipe whatever dirt that’s on the bumper with a cloth. Then, point a hairdryer at the dent, heat on high, and warm the bumper up. Now get a second hairdryer and for ten minutes on high heat, point the two dryers at the spot. Then go back to a single hairdryer for twenty more minutes. Than just push the dent from the behind and voila, you are done. Check this proces in the video and enjoy in this awesome trick.



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