What NBN Speed Do I Need?

Most Australians have already heard about the NBN rollout in some form or another. Also known as the National Broadband Network, NBN internet is a national initiative with the goal of providing greater internet access to people living throughout the country. One of the best aspects of the NBN program is that users have a large number of choice when it comes to which internet service provider they choose to use and what sort of speed they select. In some situations, this will depend on the kind of equipment you own, so it may be worth shopping for a new wireless router online. In other cases, your existing equipment can be utilized, but it still may be worth shopping from a top online retailer like NewEgg if you’re really interested in getting the best service with top-of-the-line peripherals. One other major concern about picking the proper NBN plan comes down to speed. Here’s what you need to know about your options.

What you need to know about NBN 12

If you want the lowest-priced internet option under NBN, NBN 12 is the speed for you. Offering a maximum download speed of 12mbps, and an upload speed of about 1mbps, this is the most basic option of internet available. If you only use the internet to check email or for other simple tasks, this speed may be worth considering.

How fast is NBN 25?

Offering a download speed of up to 25mbps, NBN 25 is a much better choice for anyone who uses the internet often. If you’re streaming media frequently and use multiple devices to access the internet at one time, NBN 25 is a worthwhile speed to consider. That being said, depending on how resource-hungry other users in your household are, you may still run into bandwidth problems at this NBN tier.

The pros and cons of NBN 50

NBN 50 has download speeds of 50mbps and an upload speed of around 20mbps, making this a balanced and appropriate option for most families. Even if you play online games or stream from multiple devices, NBN 50 is still worth considering. That being said, at the price point, some people may just choose to pay a few dollars more for truly super-fast internet and an NBN 100 plan. Ultimately, this comes down to budget and personal preference, and for many NBN 50 will be the perfect speed option.

Why NBN 100 is considered “super fast”

The ultimate NBN speed tier, NBN 100, offers upload speeds of 50mbps and download speeds of 100mbps. If you work from home, have children or a spouse who frequently play video games online, and use multiple internet-connected devices at once, NBN 100 is the ideal option for you and your family. While not the most affordable option, you certainly get a bang for your buck with NBN 100, and some ISPs offer affordable options that aren’t too much more expensive than NBN 50, as long as you don’t need unlimited data each month.

Now that you better understand the different speeds available to you under the NBN, you should be able to make the choice that fits your needs best. Keep in mind that speeds and performance will vary depending on whether or not you’re using the internet during peak times or not. If you predominantly use the internet during peak operating windows, it may be best to consider a slightly higher tier of the internet in order to ensure that you can always meet your needs appropriately. After all, there’s nothing worse than realizing that you didn’t choose an appropriate speed at a time when you need good internet the most. Not all internet service providers offer each tier of service, so make sure to compare NBN plans with iSelect in order to learn more about the various options in your area.

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