What You Will Get For $ 1500 Monthly For Rent Around The World

Have you ever asked yourself how much you should give for a rent to leave in the other popular capital cities around the world. Do you know that If you have $1,500 to spend in New York or Boston,the only thing you could rent is a studio apartment. So maybe you think that this is not that what you have dreamed about but there are really huge differences in the rent price between the cities from all over the world. Sure there are a lot of indicators and factors that marks the price  such as cost of living in different countries, the country’s economic conditions, a shortage of space or shortage of apartments and inflated housing  e.t.c.Do you have an idea of what a $1,500 a month budget for rent will buy in some of the world’s most exciting and economically important cities. Take a look below and see what you will get. Enjoy!

London — £997 ($1,551)

Studio flat with bed, kitchen, and toilet


Berlin — 1,250 euros ($1,356)

One bedroom, one bathroom, “Altbau”-style loft apartment

2 source

Kathmandu, Nepal — 150,000 Nepalese rupees ($1,474)

Four-bedroom, five-bathroom house. Comes with separate servant quarters, landscaped garden, and swimming pool

3 source

Buenos Aires — 13,580 pesos ($1,488)

One bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms
Perks include a pool, a gym, and a walk-in wardrobe4 source

Mumbai — 94,000 Indian rupees ($1,477)

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms
Perks include gym, swimming pool, jogging track, and clubhouse5 source

Moscow — 85,000 rubles ($1,491)

One-bedroom studio apartment with built-in stereo, large bathroom with sauna and bidet6 source

Rio de Janeiro — 3,107 Brazilian reais ($972)

Two bedrooms, one bathroom, and, a hammock7 source

Cape Town, South Africa — 15,000 South African rand ($1,209)

Located in the Sea Point area of the city.
Two bedrooms, one bathroom8 source

Cairo — 9,648 Egyptian pounds ($1,232)

Four bedrooms, one bathroom, and air conditioning9 source

Tokyo — 185,000 yen ($1,491)

Three bedrooms, and living/dining/kitchen area10 source

Los Angeles — $1,512

Studio apartment, one bath, and a rooftop swimming pool, because all homes in Los Angeles have swimming pools11 source

Sydney — 485 Australian dollars a week ($357)

One bedroom, one bathroom12 source

New York City — $1,425

One-room apartment13 source

Paris — 1,220 euros ($1,323)

Forty square meters of space
Kitchen, toilet, and shower room14 source             via buzzfeed.com

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