Why Being A Temp Is The Best Way To Start As An Accountant

Once you’ve become a certified accountant and want to find employment in the greater economy, it can be a daunting task figuring out where exactly you’d like to start. There’s still a lot you have to learn about the actual experience of working in an accounting position despite all of the functional knowledge you’ve learned from your schooling. Being a temp at a company is the most gainful way to begin your accounting career with thousands of new accountants going down this path year after year. Of course this begs the question, why is being a temp so desirable in the first place? Well, let me tell you:

Explore Different Workplaces

No two workplaces are exactly the same. Despite having similar job descriptions, an accountant’s workload can vary wildly depending on the company for which they work. Things like corporate culture, management style, and of course how well the company collects information to be forwarded to their accountant are all things that can change your subjective experience on the job. By choosing to work for a temp agency you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of different workplaces which will enable you to pick out which ones work best for you. Not only that, you’ll be able to learn a few indicators as to what businesses tend to be most congruent with how you like to work.

You Won’t Get Locked Down

It’s very easy to get a job and then stick with it even if it isn’t exactly ideal for you. Or maybe you aren’t sure if the city you’re in is where you’d like to put down your roots for the foreseeable future. By seeking out a temp job you’re able to get employment that you can put on a resume later without any expectations of long term commitment. Most towns have a major temp agency you can drop your resume off to, and there are even websites like https://taxfyle.com/cpa-jobs-temp-accounting-jobs to help you get started. Your skillset will expand, you’ll get practical knowledge of your field, but you aren’t signing your life away just yet. These reasons alone can be enough to sway someone into the temp industry.

Boost Your Employability Quickly

Most of the best accounting jobs are found through a mixture of networking and having a powerful CV. By being a temp you’ll be able to meet many different business professionals who can connect you to people within their sphere of influence, thus increasing your ability to find a coveted accounting job that isn’t being advertised anywhere else. The temp agency also gives you the opportunity to beef up your resume substantially. If within your first two years of working you’ve been to four different places all with their own special accounting burdens, you have a lot more worth to you than someone who just worked two years at their local Mom & Pop store.


As much as people outside the industry love to harp on temps, the experience is entirely worth it if you’re a fresh faced accountant looking to earn his or her stripes. It’s a simple and straightforward way to quickly be introduced to many different accounting issues you’ll have to navigate yourself. Also, temp agencies do a lot of the work finding clients for you, this enables you to quickly find a job right out of school so you can work on being self sufficient enough to rent your own place to live and keep yourself fed & happy.

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