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18 Funny Pieces Of Cat Logic Every Cat Owner Will Understand

If you own a cat or you have ever had a contact with a cat you probably know that this kind of cute animals have their own word and their own interaction with the outside world. While dogs are easy to read and forever your loyal best friend, cats always seem to have an underlying agenda, and they certainly are not going to play fetch on command!
The cat logic is really strange and understandable but every cat power used to leve with it and there is no problem. Below you could see a few pictures that brings you closer to understand the understandable cat logic. Enjoy and have fun.


1.Don’t Sit On The Keyboard?

err 1 source

2.Dont sit on his lap now carl wait until he is wearing all black

err 2 source

3.Ice Cube Cat Had a Good Day

err 3 source

4. The grass is always greener, right?

err 4 source


5. Not the most logical plan

err 6 source

6.Stealthy cat…

err 7 source

7.I want the box

err 8 source

8. If I fits, I sits.

err 10 source

9. Not really that interesting…

err 11 source

10.It has a 99.9% success rate

err 12 source

11.Whiny cat….

err 13 source


12.I want to sleep on the keyboard but no one is using the computer

err 14 source

13.First world cat problems – toys

err 15 source

14.The cat has a point

err 16 source

15.Thanks For The Elaborate Gift, But I Prefer The Boxes


16. I Think I’ll Stick To ‘On Top


17. What about this going out logic


18.I just decide to  Take This Spot