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5 Brilliant Ways to Re-Create the Attic

Stop using your attic for storage. You know that most of the things there you will probably never use, but you are either keeping them out of sentimental reasons, or because they are not broken enough to be thrown away. There are probably boxes upon boxes of clutter up there as you are reading this. The best thing to do is to clear everything out, or find all those sentimental items a new place. Then get some proper house cleaning done, get a cleaning company if you have to – a professional cleaner will get the job done much faster than you, and you can immediately start the project. Your attic can be much more than just a room to store potential rubbish in. Here are five ideas that might stir your imagination into action.

  1. From Attic to Guestroom

The very least you can do with your attic is stick a bed up there, an end table, a dresser, and a night lamp, and voila – you have a guestroom. Now you can invite people to stay over and introduce them to the magnificent new guestroom you have. And you can incorporate a variety of styles to impress them with. How about a jungle setting for an exciting night? A moss rug, a leopard-patterned bed sheets and upholstery, grass-like carpet? Or maybe a more melancholic night-themed bedroom if your friends are more on the thinker side. You can have so much fun just by picking the style.


  1. From Attic to Study

The attic might be a perfect escape of everyday ruckus in the house, especially if you have a family. If you bring a lot of your work at home, you definitely need a peaceful place to sit down and work in silence. Take a desk and a comfortable armchair up to the attic, get some paper holders, and some cabinets and redesign the look of the attic into a nice personal study.

  1. From Attic to Library

Just how big are you on books? If you are an avid reader, then you might already be facing the problem of not having enough space to fit all your new novels and anthologies in. Then how about taking all your bookcases up to the attic? Get a comfortable leather armchair as well, and a nice reading lamp and you can turn it into a reading room. How is that for a reader’s paradise?



  1. From Attic to Playroom

If you want to do something more exciting than having a place to sit and stare at texts all day, you can instead make it into a playroom. Get a pool table and a foosball machine, get a huge plasma TV and your video game consoles, and a nice sofa, and you can have a place to enjoy the single player games in peace without the interruptions of the house, or to have a place to play with friends and be as loud as you like. Just don’t forget to do regular sofa cleaning, because your spouse will not come to do it for you.


  1. From Attic to Kitchen

And, saving the best and craziest idea for last, how about turning the attic into a nice kitchen on the roof! Think about it – it requires some work, yes, but at the end of the day you get a great solitary place to cook your meals in peace and without interruptions. You can concentrate on recipes, and you don’t have to constantly check if anybody is touching the pot roast before it’s done. Also, oven cleaning will become a much more enjoyable activity if done under beautiful music and away from your spouse asking where the keys for the car are.

Think about these ideas and consider whether you want to keep your attic as a storage for useless items, or turn it into a dream room to spend time in whenever you want rest, relaxation, and enjoyment.