IKEA Turned Children’s Weird Drawings Into Actual Stuffed Animals

My friends the furniture giant IKEA has done an incredibly creative project for UNICEF and Save The Children. 10 lucky kids’ drawings have left the realm of fantasy to become real, tangible soft toys that IKEA will sell around the world as part of its Soft Toys For Education campaign. The company took submissions from kids all around the world, and picked ten drawings to bring to plush life. One dollar from each sell  will go to UNICEF for childrens. Look the amazing creations below and enjoy!

Thymeo, 4 years old, Belgium, “Comrade Dinosaur”

n 1 sourcen 2  source

Stella, 6 years old,Cyprus, “Pink Giraffe-Duck”

n 3  source

Dora, 7 years old, UK “Indifferent Noseless Skunk”

n 4  source

Koen, 10 years old, Netherlands “Six-Armed Monster Face”

n 5  source

Albert, 7 years old, Romania “Derp Bat”

n 6  source

You-Chen Wu, 6 years old, Taiwan “Linear Tiger”

n 7  source

Maja, 8 years old, and John, 5 years old, Norway, “Oversized Mouse-Head Man”

n 8  source

Terrence, 6 years old, Malaysia

n 9  source

Karla, 10 years old, Croatia “Slime Tooth”

n 10  source n 11  source

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