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World Is Giving Back The Faith: Creative Constructions For Animals’ Safe

Pictures that we are presenting to you today about the care for the animals all over the world, gives us a faith that still the world is not so cruel. It is fascinating how the authorities in different country offered different architectural solutions aimed for the animals’ safe.  We are presenting you, so maybe you will get inspired for new ideas and building up some creative solution for the safe of the animals in your neighborhood. It would be small investment for the people but from essential importance for the creatures.


1. Safe creatures transition in forest in Canada

An overpass for wildlife (including bears) was built over this busy highway near Banff, Canada. (Image ID: BEA014-00001)source

2. Free turtle moving on the railroad trenches, Japan


3. London built studios for birds


4. Crabs are migrating safe. Construction in Australia



5. Elephants enjoy swimming in a pool in Japan


6. USA have built the “Caboodle ranch”


7. IKEA in Germany welcomed the dogs


8. Safe birds landing on they ow airport, Vilnius


9. Plastic bottles collection for more food for homeless animals


10. Tunel for safe animal crossing, Finland



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