Naturally Blessed Towns to Move in America

No doubt we enjoy our social circle, but there are some times when we all long for some solitude and peaceful life. If you love spending time with yourself, and enjoy the peaceful life, here are some towns to move in America, that you must see. Living a quiet and content life away from the city’s hustle and bustle and swarm of people is the desire of many people. T only if such life allows you to contemplate your life choices, but also explore your creative side. 

Expert moving services providers working with iMoving state that more and more people are relocating to the countryside. The reasons are of diverse nature including health and mental benefits, solace and contentment. The expert’s state that while some people choose to limit their necessities and live with whatever is easily available others love to lead a life surrounded with trees and greenery. Click here to know more reasons to move to the countryside.  Whatever be the reason, there are ample of countryside locations in America that attract a number of migrants every year. The top countryside locations to move in America include:

Astoria, Oregon

A perfect coastal town to spend your whole life, Astoria is simply blessed. Located at the convergence of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean the town has splendid beauty both natural and manmade. Fort Stevens State Park, Tillamook State Forest, and Ecola State Park are a few hotspots in the city.

Bisbee Arizona

Located at a high altitude of 5,538 feet, covered by Mule Mountains on all three sides, Bisbee is known for its copper mining industry. The town has great historic value and several preserved historic spots.

The climate here is very pleasant, significantly cooler than the nearby areas and life here is slow paced, offering you enough time to rejuvenate.

Cooperstown, New York

A famous upstate New York village, Cooperstown is the home to The National Baseball Hall of Fame. Located at the southernmost tip of Otsego Lake the town is a sight to behold. The climate here is pleasant around the year and there is no shortage of water activities. The summer here is dry and winter has a great snowfall.

Jacksonville, Oregon 

If you have ever dreamt of living in a wine country, Jacksonville, Oregon is your answer. Unlike most of the wine cities, Jacksonville is very affordable. The town is firmly located at the middle of Southern Oregon, an area known for its great vineyards.

From amazing picnic spots too easy to access wine shops, there is a lot to explore in Jacksonville. 

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania 

Previously named as Much Chunk, Jim Thorpe means Bear Place in the local language. The natural splendor of the city has also earned it the crown of being the “The Switzerland of American.” From natural beauty to man made architectural marvels, the place is one of the best places to move to if you are planning to move to the countryside. 

Marfa, Texas

 Very famous town, Marfa is located in the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas. This oasis is famous for a range of features including slow tempo, western aesthetic, and abundance of art. There are a number of chic restaurants, trendy bars, visual art and film so you won’t miss the city life a lot. 

The natural places in Marfa are plenty including Balmorhea, Davis Mountains State Park, the McDonald Observatory, and Big Bend National Park.

Stowe, Vermont

Known as the “Ski Capital of the East”, Stowe, Vermont is one of the most naturally blessed places to move to. Just like its winter carnival of skiing, the summer season in Stowe is equally amazing for swimmers and kayakers.

Vinalhaven, Maine

If you haven’t heard the name before, you must start researching it right away. Vinalhaven is a beautiful island town located in the Gulf of Maine in Penobscot Bay. Known for its amazing lobster industry, the town is rich in natural beauty and resourceful life of the locals. The biodiversity of the town is also amazing. Living here can earn you a chance to enjoy slow paced life with great resources available at arm’s length.

Taos, New Mexico

Taos is one of the oldest and most mystical towns located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Known for being the home to the Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town has a 1000 years old civilization. Life in Taos is no less than a wonder and you will feel great for taking such a life-altering decision to shift here.

There are ample options in front of you if you want to move to a remote town in America. Not only you can live at peace, but also enjoy a life close to nature and its wonders. However, before you choose any town to move, make sure you get enough occupation options and accommodation options.

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