10 Clever Design Ideas For Small Studio Apartments

We all want to live in modern big houses or apartments, but before we get to them we all need to start small. Are you about to move into a studio apartment and you aren’t really sure how to accommodate everything that you need in there? Don’t worry? Small studio apartments can be tricky to decorate, but when you know some tricks and tips everything will be much easier.

Living in a small space doesn’t mean that you always need more storage space. Instead, you need smart ideas that you can incorporate. With the presented design ideas below you can see how big can be living in small places. Enjoy. Maybe the smallest houses in the world will boost your imagination too, so don’t miss seeing them too!

Small Studio Apartments

21 Square Meter Apartment by MYCC Architecture Office

Although some studios are small in size, they have the perfect height to accommodate more “rooms” in the area. And even though they are not physically separated with fall, there are still clear boundaries that separate each living space.

small studio apartment designsource

29 Square Meter Apartment

Aren’t you amazed by the functionality of this studio apartment that is only 29 square meters? Here you have everything that you need for a normal way of life, don’t you think? I’m in love with the modern and contemporary design of this studio too!

small studio apartment layoutsource

36 Square Meter Apartment in São Paulo

Height is super important when it comes to studio apartments, so before buying one pay utmost attention to that because in this way you will have better chances to make use of the space that you have available.

small studio apartment plansource

Small Loft In London

tiny apartment designsource

Small Apartment Design: Green On White Studio

Are you wondering how to decorate your studio? Here’s a great idea that will catch your eye?

small apartment ideassource

Stylish futuristic design in a 57 square meter apartment

Some studios can be rather big and I’m not sure why the architects haven’t incorporated even one-bedroom in this footage!

how to decorate a studio apartment on a budgetsource

Big blue storage system

This way of putting the bedroom bed away when not in use is amazing for studio apartments.

cool studio apartmentssource

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, apartment building designed by Edge Studio

modern studio apartment design ideassource

Interesting Designed Small Space Appartment

studio apartment designssource

Loft in Emeryville, California

Some designs of these studios may look very weird to you, but in fact, they are very useful and practical. Those who have lived in a tiny space will understand them fully for sure!

studio apartment loftsource

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