10 Genius Tips For Extra Storage Space

Home is where the heart is. The house turns into a home with people, their feelings and their togetherness. Every home speaks to the personality of its occupants. And who wouldn’t want their home to be more spacious, brighter and more comfortable? While a big home is everyone’s dream and a small one can look spacious, it it is well organized and with a couple of our ultra tricks. Creating extra storage space is always a challenge. There is never enough storage space, regardless of the size of our home! We offer you ideas how you can use every inch and get more space for cabinets, drawers, shelves, baskets …

Not only in small apartments and houses, but also for those who do not lack squares, the problem is the lack of extra storage space. The kitchen always lacks the occasional cupboard or shelf for all utensils, appliances and groceries. Another missing thing is an extra closet for hanging clothes or stacking laundry in the bedroom. Our hallway is clogged with things that we have nowhere to put away. So our home often looks messy because of situations like this, even though it’s not. A lot of things in a visible place, even when tidied up, really create the impression of clutter and at the same time they clog the space.

Clever Extra Storage Space

Boxes and baskets are great options in solving storage things. The hallway is often a place where we have a hard time finding place for things like scarves, hats, gloves… So, get baskets or boxes to put them in. Sort things by their purpose, so you can find your stuff more easily. Instead of classic walls, make partitions from cabinets and / or shelves, that will be from floor to ceiling. This will save space and add a storage space inside. At the same time, when it comes to shelves, you can create a striking color wall. This idea is good in small one-bedroom apartments. There is a living room and a bedroom in one room – so you can separate them. Also, this concept is great for hallways and living rooms.

Beautifying and changes of your home can be a hard decision especially when it comes for a limited space. But adding some extra space in your home is always welcome and it could be very useful, especially when it is cheap and make your home better. In this post we have tried to collect some amazing storage solution that will beautify your home and that will double your extra storage space on thet cheapest way. We’ve found some solutions that could help you better organize your home and make some of the things that bother you, invisible, by storing them in closed repositories. There are ideas for every part of the home. Adding this extra space can be an interesting project during the weekend. Take a look below and get inspired!


Small space storage ideas in laundry room


Stair Storage


Modular Furniture


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Hide Bed Under Floor Boards



Under Stair Bathroom


Italian Designed Space Saving Furniture

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