10 Must-Visit Urban Spring Destinations

The cold and colorless winter is over which means that it is time to dust- off your traveling boots and hit the road. And what can boost your energy and fresh-up your spirit more than spring city lights escorted by fragrant colorful landscapes. If you are an urban flower- lover, these spring destinations that we have prepared, and please do trust our word, will be your “guiding Bible”.

Spring has finally arrived! As greenery breaks out from under the remnants of snow in some parts of the world, and temperatures become warmer and more pleasant, there is nothing we look forward to more than the sun. That’s why all the destinations we suggest are perfect for you. We are now going where mild weather reigns and golden beaches are waiting for us. If you are not a big fan of sand between your toes, know that on our new list you will find localities full of adventure and culture as well.

Whero to travel this spring?

The good side of traveling in this period of the year lies in the fact that many of the locations on the list are now at the peak of the season, which means less crowds. Imagine yourself wandering the winding streets of Santorini without having to jostle with other tourists. So from idyllic islands to slightly more unconventional options, here are 10 places to visit this spring, whatever type of traveler you are. Short trips are meant for “recharging your batteries” and gather new energy for new victories.

Europe offers a large number of interesting destinations, and depending on what you like, you will surely find one that will catch your attention. You don’t need a lot of money or a lot of things to travel, just a lot of will and a desire for adventure. In order to fully enjoy it, it is best to choose a bus trip, because then you don’t have to think about the road, driving and other burdensome things, but you can fully enjoy the journey to your destination.

Our selection embraces both the urban and the alternative “blossomy getaway” tourism, meaning that yes, it is possible to have it all in one trip. Everything from romantic floral tunnels to endless colorful carpets, this cities hide private havens within their hearts. These places are ideal to spoil all of your senses. So, rub your eyes, stretch your legs and wake up in the spring. Here are our top 10 must- visit blossomy spring destinations and see what are we talking about.

Here are some of our favorite spring destinations that are worth seeing:

1. Tokyo, Japan

The cherry blossoms in Tokyo is our first choice. No one can argue with this beauty.


2. Amsterdam, Netherlands


We could not just walk by Amsterdam’s tulips and not include them in our collection.  

3. Portland, Oregon US

It is called “The city of the roses”, and for a very good reason. Even in the rain, roses are beautiful, aren’t they?


4. Dallas, Texas US

An ocean of bluebonnets. Right in the city jungle of Dallas.


5. London, England

Drinking your afternoon tea in the daffodils gardens in London. You just can go more British than that.


6. Paris, France

Irises, Lilies, Roses, Nasturtiums, Gourdon Flowers, Lily of the Valley… You name it, and be sure Paris has it.


7. Singapore

“Miss Joaquim” aka Singapore orchid is the flower that makes Singapore one of the top “blossomy” destination in the world.


8. Moscow, Russia

You can run, but you cannot hide from the enchanting fragrance and beauty of the Moscow’s lilac.


9. Vienna, Austria

The flower gardens in Vienna are heavenly beautiful.


10. Lisbon, Portugal

Least but not last, Their Majesty, the Lisbon’s color-bursting bougainvillea flowers. Breathtaking!

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