10 Most Scary Bridges In The World

There are incredibly awesome places around the globe for adventures. For adventurers that like to enjoy and to feed the body with adrenaline, there area lot of things that they can do and to enjoy. World Inside Pictures in this post try to bring some creative ideas for the brave travelers and enthusiasts. -Crossing the most scary bridges in the world. Yes maybe your next adrenaline vacation will be this. Look this amazing selection of the cool but scary to cross bridges from around the world. Great to visit and feed with a little adrenaline.

It seems that there is no more challenging project in the field of construction, than building bridges. These bridges are breaking natural obstacles, connect parts of the city, and often entire countries. Bridges enable safe crossing over a river or other inaccessible terrain, and unlike other infrastructure projects, they are available for use by the entire population. That way the people have the opportunity to see their importance and functionality.

Bridges often become symbols of cities. Their lighting plays a primary role in achieving functional and aesthetic character. We present to you the most spectacular bridges, which with their construction and design, rise to a special level of art. That way they become part of the permanent landscape of the cities where they are located. During the last decade, unique lighting solutions for bridges have become a real trend, not only because of traffic safety, but also because of the more attractive appearance of the building.

Which are the most scary bridges in the world?

From terrifyingly high suspension bridges to those made of rope, these structures will not leave you indifferent. All bridges have a purpose – be it utility or inspiration. And some of them add an element of fear to everything. If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, you don’t have to be in some remote part of the world: scary bridges are everywhere, in all shapes, sizes and heights. And crossing them can be a great adventure.

Many intrepid travelers purposely seek out hair-raising bridges, just for the thrill. The bridges along the route of Colombia’s Tierradentro National Archaeological Park are a good example. Although there are safer bus routes from La Plata, some adventurous travelers choose to cross a slippery bamboo bridge deep in the mountains by motorbike, where one wrong move can lead to a fatal fall into the river. So be prepared to face your fears. Maybe find your next adventure is among this list of the world’s scariest bridges!




Kusma Gyadi Suspension Bridge, Nepal

1image credit: via Fancy221image via altinotu.blogspot.com

The Bridge of Immortals, China

2 image credit: Unknown222 223images via amazingworldonline.com

Devil’s Bridge – Sedona, Arizona

3 image credit: via Pinterest

224image via wikimedia.org

Keshwa Chaca, Peru – Oldest Surviving Inca Rope Bridge

4image credit: tourist5


Hardanger Bridge, Norway

5 image credit: unknown

226image via buildernews.in.th

Swing Bridge, Oribi Gorge, South Africa

6 image credits: travelavenue.fr

Bridge in Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

7image credit: Escapetraveler

227image via en.wikipedia.org

Unstable bridge in France

8 image credit: Unknown

Red Bridge, Japan

9image credits: via Pinterest

Glass walkway ‘bridge’ at china’s tianmen mountain park

10image credit: dingyun juan


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