14 Absolutely Amazing Ideas For Creative Gardening Using containers You Never Thought Of

If you love to past your free time in your garden and if you enjoy in gardening than definitely you will love all this cool ideas that we have collected for your. Creative inspiration for creating cool garden using containers. Have you always go for a boring old pot! But trust me really, you can make a planter out of just about anything. I have never thought that this is possible. So take this suggestions and please never never throw away the things tha you are not using around your house. Everything can be used and it looks so fantastic in the end. I love all this ideas. See them below and enjoy!

1.Foliage Follow-up

g 1 source

2.Shoe Planters

g 2


3.Tough Truck Gets a Makeover

g 3 source

4.Birdcage Planter

g 5 source

5.Tool Box Planter

g 6 source


g 7 source

7.Old Watering Cans as a Planters

g 8 source

8.Repurposed Red Wagons Made into Planters

g 9 source

9.Purse Garden

g 10 source

10.Vintage Suitcase Turned Garden Planter

g 11 source

11.A Ceramic Sink Planter

g 12 source

12.Denim Jeans Planter

g 13 source

13. Baby Carriage as a Planter


14. Washing Machine Drum Planter


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