The Girl Is A Genius: From Ordinary Balloon And Glitter She Creates Something Fantastic!

Want to add a little sparkles in the home and also to be better organized? You do not need to go to the furniture store. Instead, we offer you a “do it yourself” video that is simple but very very genius. I love this it is stunning. DIY glitter bowl from Jumble Joy is just awesome. It easy and so festive. You will need 2 cups of glitter, 1 cup of mod podge, a balloon, a bowl, a paintbrush, a stir stick of some kind, and something to set your blown up balloon on.

The process of creation is very simple and do not trust that this is really possible but when i have tried it it was so cool. You just need thickly brush on the glitter over the bottom half of the inflated balloon (that will end up being your ‘bowl’). Let it sit and dry for 24 hours and then pop the balloon and carefully peel it out. That’s it. You now have a bowl made completely out of glitter. Cool decorative stuff for your home and also it can be used for storage too. Watch the whole video below and see how this girls on a genius and easy way cretes this unique Glitter bowl. Enjoy!

 via JumbleJoy

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