15 Beautiful Places That You Shouldn’t Miss If You Travel To Africa

If all your roads are bringing you to Africa than you will definitely like this post. We have collected 15 amazing photos of places that you should visit of you travel to africa. From best islands throught mountains resorts and rivers check it below and enjoy!

Constance Tsarabanjina Resort – Madagascar

1photo via: glampinggetaway

Baobab Trees, Madagascar

2photo via: iltalehti

Mozambique’s six-island Bazaruto Archipelago, in the Indian Ocean

3photo via: cntraveler

Nile River, Egypt

4photo via: photofromtheworld

Blyde River Canyon is Mpumalanga, South Africa

5photo via: imgfave

Chapman’s Peak Drive from above, near Cape Town, South Africa

6photo via: Kampfkatze

Colorful houses in Bo-Kaap District, Cape Town, South Africa

7photo via: YoGi Sama

Lake Malawi, Malawi

8photo via: incredible-pictures

Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

9photo via: fotos.sapo

9-1photo via: mylifeisbrilliant

9-2photo via: mylifeisbrilliant



10photo via: trekearth

Timia Oasis, Niger

11photo via: mylifeisbrilliant

Marrakech, Morocco

12photo via: mylifeisbrilliant

Reunion Island, Madagascar

13photo via: mylifeisbrilliant

Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

14photo via: mylifeisbrilliant

15photo via: mylifeisbrilliant

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