Beautiful Places In China Worth Visiting

China is a vast and extraordinary country spanning thousands of miles from the deserts in the west to the ocean on the east. Culturally, China has one of the most rich and textured histories of all civilizations that encompasses over 5,000 years. This is rich stuff for a traveler. Here you can see really a lot of the beautiful places in China, from the great nature creations to the amazing man made architecture from ancient times and modern. World Inside Pictures below present you some photos of the best places that you can visit in China if you are a first time there.

What You Should Know Before Traveling To China

Every year, millions of tourists visit this exotic and populous country. Travelers who will visit the “Red Dragon” for the first time should know a lot of information. Get your visa on time. Contact the embassy in time before you buy a plane ticket. Sometimes the wait for a visa can be longer than expected, so preparation is very important. It is necessary to have airline ticket reservations, a detailed itinerary and accommodation reservations.

In China, some websites, which you are used to as well as some social networks, will not be available. In order to get there in time, download one of the VPN applications. Avoid unbottled water. Even for brushing teeth. Also don’t buy water anywhere and from anyone. Fraudsters pour plain water into bottles and put original caps, so buy only from trusted stores. It is the same with strong alcoholic beverages. If the whiskey is cheap, it means that it is fake and that it is questionable. Generally, anything cheap in China is fake- either it’s not good or it’s not healthy.

Other Important Things

If you are traveling in China it is good to have toilet paper, wet wipes and sterilizing liquid. There is no paper in public toilets, many restaurants and bars. Also, always have your passport with you. Hotels must register you and ask for documents. It is possible that the police will stop you on the street and ask for identification, and you don’t want to be without a document. If nothing else, you should have a photo copy of your passport. You should arrive at the airport at least three hours before the flight because of the large crowds at the controls. It’s rare that the plane takes off on time so expect delays. Taking a taxi is cheaper than here, but you should know that most drivers do not speak English. It is preferable to have the address written in Chinese.

So take a loot at these Beautiful Places In China that are worth visiting in your lifetime and enjoy!


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2.Hong Kong

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3.Great Wall of China

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11.Detian falls

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12.Hidden mountain village in Southern China

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14.River Ferry at Work

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15.Rice Fields

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