19 Unique Places Around the World

Our world is full of wonderful and unique places to visit, discover and explore. Sometime it’s really hard to believe that the planet earth is so so wonderful and full with nature beauty. But yes, this is true, the Earth is amazing and unique check out the photos that proof this and enjoy. Where to travel next? There are so many destinations, so many options. Sometimes it seems to us that everyone goes to the same places. Beyond the classics of Paris, London, New York, Bangkok and Dubai, some new destinations become hits every year. A few years ago, Morocco was an extremely popular destination, Iceland was also on many people’s bucket lists. There are more and more inquiries about Lisbon, but also about Cuba… so where could you travel next year?

Although it would probably take us a lifetime and more to explore all its beauties, some places stand out for their exceptional qualities. Perhaps our New Year’s resolution should be to visit at least five of these places, which will enchant us and prove once again how powerful and magical the nature is. Without further ado, we present to you the 19 most beautiful places on planet Earth. We will offer you a dozen suggestions, from Europe to overseas destinations, so that there is something for everyone’s taste and pocket. We have heard about many famous world landmarks since we were children and as such they have become part of the general culture. However, there are many places that many have not heard of, and their natural and unusual appearance attracts a large number of tourists.

Unique Places To Discover and Explore

Due to their isolation from the city center and the fact that these are areas created by Mother Nature, these destinations are something you will not want to miss. Get to know the most unique places in the world. The world is full of especially interesting and unusual places, which seem to us, as if they do not belong to our planet. One look at the photo of one of these places is enough, and we are sure that you are already imagining how nice it would be to prepare your travel bag and start exploring new destinations. We bring you a list of unusual destinations that surely provide an experience that all travel lovers would love to experience!

Today we take you to the most unusual corners of the world. Mother nature often surprises us, to the extent that there are no scientific explanations for some phenomena. Below, take a look at the ten most unusual and fascinating places in the world that we have selected. Which would you most like to travel to? We have selected for you a top list of the most unusual places on planet Earth. We wrote about these places, and on this occasion we want to make a top list of the most unique places in the world. Why these places are on our top list, you will find out very quickly if you look at the photo gallery below.




New Zealand


Sellin-Pier Rügen, Germany


Las Vegas


Machu Picchu


Grindelwald, Switzerland


Swiss Alps




Kauai, Hawaii


Barra de Sao Miguel, Brazil


Xel-ha,Cancun, Mexico


Moraine-Lake, Alberta-Canada



Green Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA


Deadvlei, Namibia


Rapa Nui – Easter Island


Manarola, Cinque Terre, Southern Italy


Kauai Hawaii


Mount Kilimanjaro


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